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Like this. Got my memories. But it still hurts. So bad. Let's see all their house. I knew everybody on this block everybody. We're all like family in Germany this weekend state election in Bavaria has been casting his shadow over politics for the past year being expected Donahue explains how the political showdown could cause turbulence for Chancellor Angela Merkel various ruling party the CS. You look set to take a hit as voters turned to the regional green party and the anti immigration, a FD that can make things complicated for German Chancellor Angela Merkel an erstwhile ally. The Bavarian party, however has tried to win votes by campaigning against miracles open border migration policy in Berlin, Patrick Donahue. Bloomberg daybreak Europe and rushes urging Germany and France to break ranks with the US and how rebuild serious refugees can go home from Moscow. Bloomberg's Henry mayor reports that's met with a cold response in Berlin and Paris, which are insisting on a transition away from Bashar Al Assad's rule despite recapturing much of the territory with the help of Russia and Iran doesn't have resources to reconstruct his war-shattered country with US-backed Kurdish fighters in control of the oil rich northeast in Moscow and remand Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Global news twenty thousand a day on air, and it takes up on Twitter fell by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Leon Karen's. This is Bloomberg Markus. Thanks very much Leon now with the morning sports has stopped. Wiles were largely outclassed by one of the planet's top. Teams last night in loss. Four one to Spain in their friendly at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium midfielder Aaron Ramsey told scuffles news they fail.

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