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Universe gives their executives cards now. More of a problem is paying for grandchildren's education but the question is who's responsible for paying the taxes on that the organization which gives the perks. No the person gets. The perks has to put it on their tax return. So in this case it's weisberg not the trump organization that committed the crime and like when we lie on our taxes. All they're really going to do is just added up and then charge interest and make alan weisselberg pay the tax and insurance when i did right we do whatever you're right and then find it. They just send thing goes. We reassessed your thing now. We're charging another four grant. Yeah plus interest plus interest. You lose her ladies good. There's good news and bad news. The good news is they didn't prosecute you let you pay civilly. The bad news is never made a notch money so the wreck. That is absolutely correct. That is the truth. I mean. I don't think they drag anyone to jail unless you're apparently let's fucking al capone. Wesley snipes. Oh wesley snipes. The actor went to jail for tax evasion. You want to get technical. I- wizardly snipes went to jail for failing to file a tax so for several years. Wesley was not very intelligent. Even though he's an excellent actor one of my favorites he did not file his tax return. That's a misdemeanor. He was convicted of three misdemeanors of not filing tax returns. And the judge. Who was in orlando who i know is a total racist piece of shit. Put him in jail for eighteen months because he didn't like whistling. I mean and what about what they always do. Women to flow is the lady's name in new york. Leona helmsley all right now leeann. Oh this is. Typical of people. First of all leona was a lot more money. She built an entire mansion and somehow never mentioned that all the money was taken out of her company to pay like twenty million dollars more plus and all that and leona typically people in her position do things like this said only the little people pay taxes so right away as soon as you say that it proves motive you can't. It's like you giving giving your life on a platter to the prosecutor. They loved stuff like that. It's just like martha stewart everybody's insider-trading insider trading with martha stewart's got to be the asshole that got martha made cheap. What she did is martha hired former prosecutors from the southern district of new york because they're all buddies together right. Don't worry they were going to help her out so they go down to their office at bring. Oh mortal long say well. You can talk to these guys. Don't worry about it. So martha taking her lawyers advice that down in the office and promptly confessed to insider trading. She's like we did. It made no difference how serious it was there. She is confessing to it so ignore it. Is anyone in the trump organization going to go to jail right now. Do you think and listen. You're the asshole who told us in two thousand eighteen. He would never leave office he would never really truly be impeached. And you were right to times over so we gotta rip the band aid off like none of them are going to. I don't wanna waste my time on this. I don't wanna waste my emotions mill thing that we have seen so far indicates to me that there's a serious enough crime to send anyone to jail and by the way there's one thing i i get very exercise watching these so-called lawyers on television describing this and they're all going on about well yeah they indicted weisselberg and they're putting pressure on him and they may indict his kids and his wife and grandchildren in everybody in the world. So we could get to trump. And then i keep i. I would like to say to him here. You are advocating extortion and torture of a seventy four year. Old man to get your way and this is how we do justice in this country. You people should be ashamed of yourself. Glen i think about it. What are we doing to this guy..

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