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This is Fox News. Defeated in issue. Lawmakers are revisiting good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott in okay news center. And this is Oklahoma's first news flood watch until one this afternoon. Our forecast is coming up state Representative Karl Newton of Cherokee calls it. An honest compromise. The state house yesterday approved his Bill to let up Thomas practice and big box stores like WalMart. They optometrist can't be housed in the building. But they cannot be employed by the large retailer, they cannot get a citizen. The retailer says that's the big difference between his Bill and the state question that was defeated last fall. If his Bill is signed into law. There would be a staggered rollout based on the county's population supporters of expanding Medicaid in Oklahoma under the Affordable Care Act. What voters to decide the issue? They filed an initiative petition with the secretary of state's office on behalf of two residents one Oklahoma City and one in Tulsa after any challenges are resolved. Organizers would have ninety days. To collect about one hundred seventy eight thousand signatures state school superintendent joy Hofmeister says she supports a Bill that could move some school district back to five day weeks. The Bill would require between one hundred sixty five and one hundred eighty days of classes, meaning some districts could opt for four day weeks if they can prove their students meet performance criteria and the four day schedule is saving the district money. The Oklahoma legislature is trying again to establish an Oklahoma native American day on the second Monday in October. That's the same as Columbus Day the state house yesterday passed a Bill authored by Representative caller and walkie Oklahoma City the same Bill was vetoed last section by governor. Mary.

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