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I don't know because the question. How would the matchup going. I think most of us would favor islam but the counter that is also again. We keep saying islam hasn't fought anyone quite at that level definite top ten guy yet. So that's that's what makes the dan hooker match so intriguing. It's the perfect test for him. And you almost wish was fighting. Dan hooker was dober- ranked when they've tober was like fourteen. He's he was in there. He got into the fifteen rankings. But i think it was. I think it was just islamic domination over dober- that would even though dobro wasn't that ranga. Just his guy is clearly better than a very very good drew. Dober- i think that that was that was fifteen minutes survive or did he finished now finish. Didn't break a sweat. Watch exactly why we feel. We look so high. High on islamia hooker is a notch above drew dover. But but if he and that's why to like it feels like are such a logical way to build them up. You just hope that they they do go down that path someone down hooker does except to fight him but again. It's it's all up in there right. Khokar said dan. Hooker told our friends at submission radio that the only reason the fight didn't get put together between hooker. A at chaff was hooker wanted to fight on that june. Pay per view card. That vulcan skuas supposed to fight on. That was like part of it. But bachayev wasn't gonna be ready to go. So that's what happened there timing. That's why i didn't happen. The card and phoenix. Maybe ju maybe tired if maybe it was maybe as the houston card because i think the because vulcan oscars suppose fight in march before he fell out. Yeah and then it was then. They're going to try to make it for then. Hooker wanted it for two sixty three was so that would make your and is did ally was on that card so sense. The the problem hooker. A hooker is live at scheduling because the covy travel restrictions the steps oh quarantines i not. I'm not. I don't think any of us dry should ever implied that hookers is avoiding islam in that sense. I think it's just the timing in training and kobe all that stuff so now if market chef goes out there and does work here and then is ready to turn around and fight in september. I think dan hooker would probably fight in september since he's fighting that guard so i like that. May that may be bananas good. Let's see this one's for jose. Dude i love and scam gamut so much. He's so talented he is like i think he just laid a neg- in his uc debut against guam. But all we know is like a little. I like who i can remember. Who supposed to grump. Took that on like a last minute. Change upright used to five. Yeah and my grandma. Like me is the main training partner for shemaya. Who's about to fight liane edwards for a title shot and then we all saw like marlin when marlin fought off. Son is i fight like we all know. Marlin was way better than his he showed in his usc debut and then they just tore through him. So i think. I think it was a a weird introduction for ufc fans from taste. Gamut champ shampoo ks. W casey you were there if you remember when we interviewed eleven taos ski. We were talking about like you. And i made it a point to ask him where about matteis gamut future before he was in in the afc so for a long time. I thought he was the best light. It was like him in chandler. Where like the two best lightweights. Not in the ufc. And i wanted one of and now we have both of say. Obviously he's not going to get michael chandler treatment. But if he gets past jeremy stevens. I'm like the sky is limit for him forward. Great matchmaking by the way has perfect match. Rigging because jeremy asto gotta name even though he's on a losing streak jeremy still has that sort of danger behind him and to see what matusse camera did scott holtman all super eye-opening because normally he's the guy takes you down and just just beat you up for however long the fight is just makes him miserable for you but seeing how improved a striking is getting got knock. He's got power to finish fights strikes. That's a scary thing man. That's a very scary thing to see your one fifty five and you're seeing game rocco out there and starting to drop dudes with punches. Ooh that's scary. And this i said this when he when he like when after his first fight the only reason he's not getting like the like if he was in light heavyweight or flyway he would get the same treatment as manila cape or your urine wins. Two zero violently. And he's already in title. Contention in manila was a backup for the flyweight fight before even had a fight and of see and then he had to back to back like top ten flyweights. Layaway is just so stacked. And i think michael chandler was such an anomaly. I mean it's like so popular amongst the fight. The us fan base that they gave. He's in the anomaly. But any other shall away class game. Rock could be fast-tracked through tyler shop grid in this is how you do it by jeremy stevens and also think that you guys think if if game righteous smoke stevens do think this is finally maybe the end for stevens in the nfc. No no never know. Jeremy jeremy stevens can lose fifty and fights in a row and dana. Why such a savage that. He can't possibly release them. The only thing i would say is if it's not like i know it's inevitably dan whites call for a lot of these things but like if if hunter campbell's like just makes too much money and he's not winning than dan maybe because like we've seen over j. d. s. and everyone get get released and we've seen like Are ahkmadov response lasting release. So maybe i'm not. It's like a one percent chance. Maybe all americans all non-americans my prediction connor comes back loses the dust emporia about twelve more times than we finally get. Mcgregor's jeremy stevens neighborhood. F- is that guy matchup for those. I think i think what they would end up doing. Is they'd be like germany. You the fight your car. Closer you're gone and then he'll have to say yes point. Yes jeremy stevens dislike last. Three years have just been murderers. Row like all top three fighters and that's but that's that's that's why and that's exactly why he is in the afc because the matchmakers know that he's an exciting fighter. Who will he'll win exciting and he'll lose exciting and so he'll pushed until the other guy no gets to push so He's he's great for matchmakers and one hundred percent. Sure he should have a job he should have a job de do do do do i ask so. I keep forgetting because he's been stevenson booked a few times that the last time we saw him was cater fight last year..

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