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Fountain square Saturday. Sponsors say they'll gathered one where orange Donna the lives of those affected by the. Gun violence. Ohio State patrol says three people ended up in the hospital after a high-speed chase ended with a collision in Middletown police were after random vehicle on central avenue. The vehicle was reported stolen. Police say the teen driver was operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time, Thirty-three-year-old, Courtney Tanner of Lebanon was driving the vehicle that was hit by the seventeen year old fleeing police, she's in the hospital today in serious condition and has had his license suspended seventeen times was expected plead guilty today to driving under the influence once again, causing a crash in Chevy at injured and elderly men. Police hitting impact of the collision on home lawn at school section knocked vehicle being driven by seventy seven year old Bill Reamer into a house four-year-old, Mark. Newton has a long criminal history of over eighty arrests resumes. Lewis castio gave up a leadoff home run. Then nothing else. He shut down the cardinals from the first inning on leading the reds to a four one win last night in Saint Louis. Nixon's sale had the big hit the put the reds in front line drive down the left field line in the reds. Have the lead Peraza will score from third, and they're going to hold castio right there. I thought for a moment that they might send the big felon to the point that the reds will not do it. They have taken a lead on a double by Nixon's L to one now rinse game two of the series is tonight, airtime. Here's seven fifteen city of Cincinnati and handled a county have a deal now over use of hotel tax money on the new stadium in the West End seventeen million dollars from the fund will be used for infrastructure improvements at the site FC Cincinnati continues to buy up property near the side of the new stadium local twelve or fourteen club is now purchased revelation Baptist church on John street as part of the deal the soccer club will pay for and oversee construction of a brand new church on west cow, Galbraith news service of beach month. Toyota, our next update's at eight thirty on NewsRadio.

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