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Also they've stood up out of nothing, short bandage numbers that yet lively penalty totally every I just I just saw not to go off track here, but I just saw thing in variety right before we showed up for taping about Henry Cavill is he's out there, not sure he's out Henry Cavill out how as remain. Wow. There you go. That's according to the Hollywood. Reporter, if true, that's just that they're rebooting everything, but they can't reboot everything because they've got wonder woman which is successful, you know, who should play superman is, is Ben Affleck. He'd be great. Matt day. They could save Damon, Damon, be superman, and then it'd be Matt and yeah. Like they can't make superman go way by killing him already because they did that well, they need to have. They need to have a crisis on infinite earths where only wonder woman and the flash survived. Right. That'll get through is that isn't that basically what we need, the also need somebody to control the creatures of the sea, somebody who has that power? No, nobody needs that. Okay. Now we're not here to talk about the none. We're here to talk about pepper bitten Jennifer garner. So if we could sunny, you saw peppermint. The only one up ever. I'm the only peppermint. I got the feeling that even if I could pretend to have seen it and it'd be fun because I get a sense of what this is about the trailer. Anna, of course, I read your review in the beacon, but how about a review peppermint stars? Jennifer garner as a mother whose family is killed in front of her at a immune park. It's terrible. After the family is killed, she engages in a series of revenge style acts against the people who perpetrated it. Shoots a lot of them kill. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the story, but it's called the punisher called the punisher. And this is basically lady punisher and it's fine. It's I, I enjoyed it a great deal. It's short, it's one hundred minutes long in it's very straightforward. It's by the guy who directed taken. So it is, you look at all no other case on pre produced. And I wrote the story here. Morrell is the director of peppermint and taken. I don't have a ton to say about this movie because it is it just is what it is. It is a straightforward action action, revenge movie where the wronged parent rights the wrongs by killing a lot of people. It is terribly cathartic and therefore very enjoyable. I'm a big fan of Jennifer garner who I think it the if you look at Jennifer Garner's career, it's very interesting. She has kind of the first half of her career is basically a straightforward action star. She is in the alias show. She is Electra in the daredevil movie, and then she has the standalone electro movie, which was not very good, but she was finding in it and the kingdom where she plays an FBI agent who is who who has to go to Saudi Arabia and find Taras and then abruptly. I mean, just like totally chop. She switches into like mom roles where she's playing. She. Playing, you know, pregnant girlfriend. She's playing like moms, six accused gets kids. She's she's playing, you know, basically like the kind of, you know, homemaker type role and sort of Christian movies too. And she's doing some some Christian films and some, you know, kind of like feel good family. It is. It's very, very strange. And this movie is like almost a conflict of both of those halves of her career kind of coming together at the same point, it's very funny. You can actually track you can you can almost track her career by the hairstyles in this movie. So at the beginning of the film, she has this kind of long matronly hair where she's, you know, she's just everybody's mom and then she is wounded in the attack..

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