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Meteorologist, Steve Raleigh. News Radio seven hundred wwl w it's thirty five degrees right now. Another member of the family is pleading not guilty to killing eight members of the rodent, family and. Pike county over two years ago. Angela Wagner waves her right to a speedy trial and judge Randy Deering orders. Her held without bond. Wagner is facing twenty two counts against her including eight counts of aggravated murder with death penalty specifications. The basic prison terms for a third agree felony or nine twelve eighteen twenty four thirty four thirty six months. The maximum fine is ten thousand dollars. There are now gag orders in place for legal professionals involved in the cases, a pre trial hearing is set for January seventh and Columbus. Jared alley. Newsradio seven hundred wwl w he will be spending the holidays behind bars. A former assistant principal at Brookwood elementary school in Hamilton pled guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge. Police say they found met in the office of Kevin Kernaghan is teaching license has been permanently revoked Cincinnati public school says student enrollment is expected to rise for the eighth consecutive year. Not only your numbers clown. But the percentage of the. Market share that CPS s has been growing, and we watch that the same as some people might be watching a business cycle school board member e Bolton talking to our Scott Sloan since two thousand thirteen CPS enrollment is growing by about forty four hundred students the organizers of blink which brought over a million.

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