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But the gander mountain shane which filed for bankruptcy protection that a number of the stores were bought out of bankruptcy by camping world most of the gander mountain's nationally including several in milwaukee are going to close but not all of them the ones that are going to be reopened by camping world is going to be bannered as gander outdoors they have a different logo the stores are going to look the effort that you had to change the product line is so what what they apparently according to the stories that i've read the business press wanted you his what a move out of areas where they were being killed by competitors and they want to redirect kind of what the focus of the company was move away from being essentially a gun store to a more all encompassing outdoor kind of outdoor experience kind of changed anyway one of the stories that they have is along i ninety four at highway fifty and kenosha and that's one of the ones that is being reopened and i got a press release here gander outdoors prepares for grand opening kenosha wisconsin and it just struck me that they sent me that press release and it struck me that they sent me that press release because they probably presume that people like me have heads that are either made out of rocks or too stupid to know that were being kind and that i think is one of the reasons why the left does walk all over conservatives part of the problem that those of us who are on the right hab is render assault on so many fronts the acadia keep track of who it is that the salting you you turn on the tony awards if you were silly enough to try to watch that on sunday night and there's robert deniro of all people telling people that he was that we ought to alf using the f word and saying it allowed trump nobody cares the network to carry the thing deniro nobody cares that you've just insulted the half the country that supports president trump nobody cares that a lot of people don't think the anybody ought to be talking about a president that way nobody cares that it's just another example of teluk half the country that.

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