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And this is the program that attempts to give you a little bit of financial advice during a very trying time if you've got a financial question give us a shout ask Jill Jill on money dot com if you're just joining us we are re playing an interview that we did with Chris Gayle about author of side hustle and in this segment we thought it was just going to be important to help you figure out how you can develop your own side hustle and I think more than ever this is great advice for all of us to have something on the side here's more of our interview with Chris Gallo why did you write this book side hustle so I learned over time not everybody is like me right not everybody is unemployable well not everybody is a failed car thief about to think about it that's the next book mmhm this is so last year I had another book out and did a tour thirty cities so interesting because I had this whole message about like how to find the work you're born to do and I noticed that people responded disproportionately to this whole part of having a side hustle I talked about that for like one minute of my thirty minute stump speech is the only thing people care about really fifty percent of questions afterwards right way to make you tell me more about that and insisted I've been writing about this side hustles you know for eight years in different ways but I do feel like this is this renewed interest in it and and so I really was like I do a lot of different stuff I'm kind of all over the map I have ADD but I wanted to focus on this since I was like this year I'm in it right beside us a book into a hundred city tour I have a podcast you know where every single day by getting a story sure it's called side hustle school seven days a week nine minutes today I love this book okay I'm reading this dude look at the amount of bike page you actually I just have a look at this like I'm circling read the books so awesome thank you for so the reason why I like it is that I can completely relate to this idea of like I kinda love the idea of us I mean I am evidence of this site so I have like sort of a main job and a bunch of side hustles right and so what I also really enjoyed was the fact that you didn't put the pressure on to make this like you have to be an entrepreneur and develop your Harvard Business School planning okay adventure funding and that about so much pressure in fact you probably shouldn't actually right right it's more than just you don't have to do that and you probably shouldn't do that so and so and and in this economy which is strange right now because it's sort of sort of strong but not really strange economy like the stock market's going up to get people to have self all this anxiety and uncertainty and that does the job market is not strongly regardless of of numbers it's really interesting because people feel the lack of security and so what can a side hustle do to relieve that anxiety thank you now so I don't think I gave you a good answer before I give a complete answer of like why did this you know this book is not for entrepreneurs this book is for people out there who have day jobs and are busy and they don't have a lot of time but they love the idea of investing in themselves somehow maybe that's why they're listening to the show right now and what they need is a blueprints right they need to know like step by step how to actually do this because maybe I tried before and failed or maybe on like on the outside looking in and see other people that are doing this but you know what should I do should I go and participate in the gig economy like absolutely not in my opinion but we can we can come to that which I should create an asset for yourself which is what this this book is about what our side as we can do is you know first of all the extra money that's great was that right but also confidence security empowerments the sense of being able to look at something and say I made this thing and I've got a job maybe I like my job that's great maybe I don't like my job but that's that's what it is for now you know I need that for my mortgage you know it cetera I've got this other thing that I am cultivating on my own and I look forward to it and when I get the PayPal notification that somebody has sent me money it just feels really good so it's a back up plan more options ultimately it's about more freedom and you know I love the idea of freedom because so often you know we do calls on the show so people will call and and we'll talk about this and we say like we you know if you just do this you'll have more freedom or you'll have the opportunity and I think that that's the part of the side hustle then so appealing to me in that yes you know you can make a great living working for a company there's awesome benefits and you know I'm the first one to remind everyone like don't just walk away from your job because there's like some great stuff you're getting but also a sense of control mmhm and it is interesting we recently interviewed Tim Harford from the financial aspect and I was asking him about you know how did you start writing books because he's so incredibly prolific he was in I had a job I really like it was fine his **** on the side I was reading this book called the undercover economist it was so it was like so pleasurable because he wanted a crappy day at work that was every day but that if I had a crappy day I can go home and I could write five hundred words and exactly what you said I feel like I had done something for me yep and he didn't even think about monetizing and religious was doing it because he needed an outlet right and I think that's also a piece of this that I'm really angry about like doing something it's different apart from your from your day job for sure she made a little sticker shot of the gig economy sure so what's the difference between being part of the gig economy verses exploring a side hustle right so I mean first things I think the side hustle phrases kind of you know you back with us in the culture and people are talking about all the time but they have different definitions about it so some people might talk about the gig economy is like this in my side I saw I think the problem with with that is driving for uber driving for lift something like that TaskRabbit you know Airbnb all that kind of stuff it's like a part time job nothing wrong with having a part time job like we've all done that in our lives at different points but all those things that we just talked about security backup plan freedom none of those things really exist there with over you can set your own schedule good benefits it is good yeah but your income is capped you know there's competition you're relying entirely on their platform or ecosystem they can take that away at any time where as with something that you're creating for yourself like the income is unlimited you can go on lots of different directions you can do all kinds of different things are just so much more creativity as well to get to your point plus my best might might kind of beef about that I don't think it's terrible I just think people shouldn't think of it as being an entrepreneur which is kind of however patches it over is like this is gonna be like your gateway to freedom not really driving people around you're performing a service nothing wrong with that as I said but it's not what I'm trying to help people do so would also interested me is that in reading the book and tell these really wonderful stories but it seems that there were a lot of times where people are doing something at work mmhm like okay I doing something that seems valuable to others in my workplace and that was the germ of the idea of the side hustles okay let's talk a little bit about that some of those stories like yeah we know that I was thinking about that was teaching people how to use software the database database guide yeah he's a database administrator I just met him last week in Colorado at that book events awesome idea his name is Dan and he he works for a hospital he's a database administrator and his first side hustle was tutoring people who needs need help with the specifics offer Microsoft access and that was great he's making like sixty to eighty dollars an hour you know doing tutoring but then he learned of a second need through that process some people actually you know we're connected to companies organizations that needed custom jobs ascential is a part of that how fun thing about side hustles sometimes it can lead you to something even greater than what you initially match and you know tutoring it's it's great you know but it's it's not that original of an idea of right but he followed that and that lead into something greater actually is creating more of an asset I work for the guide CBS and early on he was clearly like the only human being at CBS news who knew about social media right he really was he was like and it's just not that long ago that my older daughter shocked right exactly I'm outing myself and the organization sorry so I I pulled him aside and I'm like dude can you hook me up with like I'll pay you right he's like what do you pay me right I have like because you have this knowledge right valuable skill valuable knowledge that in demand people want to know right old farts like me need this come do it and so he's like I can't take money well I plied him with vodka so that was good or something I can call eight sessions yeah but then he started to take money was fine good for him meanwhile he's like our he's like our secret weapon yeah Nate Marcin I use him like were taken out to dinner and some money on the side like help me do this and now I'm like so now he's left CVS but he is more interested in sort of saying like maybe that should be my side hustle well good for him and and good point as well like the big thing about I'm trying to show people is to use the skills you already have right don't necessarily go out and don't learn to make an app I don't learn to code if that's not your thing everybody wants to make an app you know how to make it happen are you a developer and hope you know how to write code nope we don't do that let's start with the skills you have the whole program here is like idea to income in twenty seven days we'll get back with more of our interview with Chris gill although the book is called side hustle check it out there's also many permutations of it that he has done when we return we.

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