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Palm trees here are moving anyone who was outside along the river walk has now gone inside of prince George's county police officers been indicted on sex charges prince George's county police lieutenant Richard talent is been indicted on second degree sex offense charges for an incident that happened in February of twenty seventeen when he was off duty prince George's county police say the officer has had its police powers suspended since the part and was made aware of the allegations involving a woman he knew what a social outing in upper Marlboro lieutenant talent is now suspended without pay he has been with the department for over two decades Barbara brick WMAL and WMAL dot com president trump says he's working with Congress on plans for gun safety we're going to do what's right I respect the NRA greatly they were very nice to me they supported me and I have I do I have great respect for them and they love our country but we're going to do what's right and you know what the NRA wants to do what's right to I really believe that I think the NRA wants to do what's right lawsuits filed against Jeffrey FD as a state contain lots of names other people who say they were victims that said they were complicit in apps teen sex crimes the civil suits seeking compensation from Jeffrey apps the into state contain as many as one thousand names of people who victims said either enabled obscene sex trafficking war took part in his crimes some papers were made public the day before it sting committed suicide now a federal judge here in New York is giving people named in those suits the opportunity to object to the documents being released to the public one attorney for a person named in the suit said the papers contain a life changing. disclosures about people who are not directly involved in the lawsuits Steve casting about New York actor jussie small LED fighting a one hundred thirty thousand dollar lawsuit brought by the city of Chicago in the wake of charges being dropped in connection to an alleged hate crime hoax in January the now ex empire actor claimed he was attacked for being both gay and black in March a small it was indicted on several counts that he faked the attack in April a surprise announcement that the state's attorney was dropping the case and soon after Chicago sued small left for the cost of the investigation one hundred thirty thousand dollars for nearly nineteen hundred hours of manpower Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel acting look over the camera gather all the data guy for all information let's attorney filed papers challenging the suit saying it's vindictive maintaining small it's innocence and saying small let's not responsible for the type death and extent of an investigation police choose I'm general checking your money tonight the Dow finished the day up two hundred thirty seven points the S..

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