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Later, the actress reportedly writing your very busy. I know, but when we were in that motel having sex, you said, you would help me. Kevin Sudarso name the guy who was the head of the Warner Brothers studios. He's been relieved of his duties relieved is probably the wrong word to use here. However, if she's an actress, and you run a studio, and you are. Yeah. That's gonna to work. But once she texted you. That. And of course, this is the reporter just narrating the texts you're very busy. I know, but when we were in that motel having sex, you said, you would help me no one would text that you told me when we were together that you would help me unless someone was trying to. The spotlight you your transgressions, which is that's exactly what's happened when we were in that hotel watching. Watching Netflix, and whatever why why would anybody add that detail in there? So anyway, Mr. whatever his name is gone now from Warner Brothers his career is now DO way because he was foolish. He was thinking. Well, you know, all the all the euphemisms, anyway, he's a goner just in case you ever gonna text like that though, very busy. I know. But when we were in that motel having sex if anyone ever says, that's Unitech. Here's how you reply. This new phone. You don't have any idea who that is. If you're going to answer at all the best thing to say is this, and then that way, that's the end of it. Right there. They go. Well, well, you said you were going to text him and say this, and then all he said is this and from that point on purge that number are you're being set up for something very unpleasant, take it from me. I've never received a text of this nature unless this from Tony Bonetti trying to play a prank on me. He go that deep. That's for sure. Anyway, it's all going on the name of the boss at Warner Brothers where where's that other report where it has the boss's name who fired him taking the job in two thousand thirteen.

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