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And you have to wonder if this is going to be fanie to santiago for that series as as unique and different as it is like at what point do the people this campingworld say you know what we're done here pull out of it and then go from there and who's going to who's gonna jump in like who is going to tacky spots that's the biggest thing like you're going to take these two car spots that that awesome singer can chase briscoe reliever down freight and like yeah that's a huge to even jewish huge and any even you'll that that team that comes in that that team that comes in is guess okay well we're taking the spots you know that might have been occupied maybe even brought some equipment for brad keselowski racing but they're coming into the sears if you're an owner of guy everybody okay cobb accomplish people think about it this way instead if you're an owner and you're thinking of investing millions of dollars into even a truck team is going to cost that um you know the stupid old saying you know how do you under the how do you make a million dollars racing sir with twenty million so it's going to cost you a lot of money to get into this sport but going in you know that at least exnumber races a year that you have zero chance to win because cal bush is going to come in with his you know super funded team getting that truck and make sure that you cannot win it is a discouraging thing not just for drivers but for owners and team members to say all right let's go gung ho let's go into a series where we know we're never going to win and especially the experts especially the xfinity series because not allotted of cup drivers play around in the trucks irs but they all lot of employ around the xfinity series as is evidenced by the fact that only was at three guys have one of three noncap guys have won a race in the extent of the series this year so if you're a prospective xfinity series owner you're basically they're basically telling you in a.

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