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Thirteen years ago. I was in China, and I went. Into the old internet machine. And I found out that Bryan Colangelo. Gentleman's rafters, just Candace Parker's, brother. Anthony Parker, and I was flabbergasted Parker versatile guard coming over from Israel coming play Toronto. Interesting. That's weird news, but not in a weird way. Anyway, my actual answer was nearly two years ago, February twenty seventeen we were on this podcast. And we found out that surgery just traded. I guess that wasn't a weird way. But it was weird. It was crazy because we've done so many shows, and I don't know if big live trade has happened over two thousand shows happened on our show. Good point. Yeah. Good point. Yeah. All right billing, it's all the rage right now co I was Mercifully booed mercilessly booed during his return to San Antonio. And Lakers fans unleashed on Paul George when he played in LA last week. Who would you just love to boot the crap out yet can't pick anyone in the NBA or wrestling? Mat. Anyone who call someone? They're fan of their large adult, son. Plea. Adam LeVine, debacle voice. Be cool with him out of my system. Then we'd be friends boom in Atlanta at the Super Bowl. Wouldn't wanna do that? I wanted to see more. Space. Yeah. Right. Get enough booze. Anyway at the Super Bowl. Sorry to get serious here for a second. But R Kelly. Yeah. The Golden Globes had one of the tamest opening monologues in recent memory, Sandra. Oh, and Andy Sandberg showered celebrities in obsequious compliments in the guise of a roast. It was fine. I guess, but a left me wanting some sick burns guys. Please rose one of your fellow starters. Man, what we already roasted skeets tasks many years ago. So here's I'm gonna reuse one of. Consume some new frigging jobs. I'm not surprised Jay skeets one of the first people to embrace online video. He realized the only way he looks good is when he's pixellated. Funny. You remember in the early days of online video, you know, two thousand five thousand six broadband not fair reliable. You couldn't upload in HD couldn't shoot HD. So things were often pixelated and Buffy and blurry the flip Cam. Remember, the flip Cam flip. Cam was like, those are the great. Never gonna get better than this one thing. But it doesn't. Tasks as well. They're getting Layton. Yeah. Mine's a little longer say Anna to settle in. But. JD? Even better for those sitting next to him because in the class of nine JD. He hasn't wants pasta win. All has he. China has an impeccable record of non flatulence. But there is only one fought in Stotts history. That remains on the Kennedy. Van very season. At the end, we're in some elite together and at the end one not we jumped into the car, and we're joined by lady. All of a sudden. On our show. There was a a fought was out. Usual usually fly. Everyone. Everyone was accused, but nobody ever owned up to it. At the time off to everyone. Everyone pointed the finger, but no one to this very day. It wasn't trait. We got more. His. As well skates. Matt, thank you. It wasn't skeets. It wasn't the rule sewage ROY smells, thank you. It wasn't me JD. It wasn't me because the back and it started in the front. You know, because it started up the front why wasn't it lady lady? Well, would it be the lady who makes a first entrance into the with six gentlemen? Have I known movement to be just gonna let? I think we can rule her out which really means listen. Yeah. We've never had one lock it since. It was a learn fuck. It has never been replicated style. It sent or still penis, basically, at least one person one. Jay. I got I wish it was because it'd be great. If it was definitely what the comedy central inquisition. The the thing about the van far was there was no far not. There was a there was no fun. What are you talking? There was no it was outdoors outside smell. Exactly. Wrong, maybe on retract. If. Mysteries. Well here at NBA TV. We're coming out with an exercise for fans to put together to build their ideal NBA player, you know, Kobe's work ethic, for instance. And so we we brought up in the office joking around how about building the ideal starter..

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