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Energy in the fourth hour as i do on the show begins that uh at seven pm bit a long day over this way out of it we're going to have some fun here in the last hour f save some are good topics for the last hour today and maybe the best well we've had a great lot of guests but we just might be joined by none other than rick berry about 33 minutes were right now the granny shot guy from the nba nba hall of famer one of the twenty five best players in nba history rick perry perhaps joining us at 1035 a few minutes from right now can the rockets get by the warriors what will it take to get there what does he make of the state of the game in that professional basketball today so lots to look forward to this hour you know at amman teaching now man i'm teaching a a media class so today i had him inservice day and now i'm doing this it was you know the the typical six am to eleven pm day though just i could do about one of those and you know the the stays between you and i write no one else will yeah this okay i've taken a personal day tomorrow nice gifts of taking a personal that's why they give them to you i have four left to use between now and the end of the year i'm telling you man the teaching thing it's a good gig if you can get it i have never in my life had three and a half months off a year at a given job of saying so you get two and a half months off from summer two weeks for christmas one week for thanksgiving one week for spring break right then they give you other five personal days off during the year and when all is said and done your off three and a half months met arafat it's a pretty pretty good gig if uh if you can get it up lots to get to hear the final hour to me i went to lead with this and one thing that i i i want to ask john maclean if he and i ever do get to have lunch i'll ask him this because it's not really a question for this market it's for.

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