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Group of volunteers who are willing to put this together in if it wasn't for them myself mirror. Coursey councilmember Sawyer around the subcommittee that have kind of been going along. But we've been falling nearly so again, it's like I mentioned that money didn't been this morning on kiss her for another event where it's people helping people, and that's what it was although elected had some roles and responsibilities to do for the community. The people who started this realized how important center fifth year anniversary was for this community. And they kept kept working here. We are today that that kind of commitment to put together something like this. And and let's talk a little bit about what's going to happen here today. So people who are on their way down or or making plans to come down. No, what's. Going to happen from this point on this afternoon. So obviously, we're going to have some entertainment. We've already had some wonderful entertainers. Drummers taiko drummers. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to national anthem or missingham county is going to be saying that Tyler will be here. And that's going to be wonderful. And then we're gonna be looking you're right now, there's some things that are buried in the time capsule to me, that's kind of one of the cool things. I was here when this thing went in in two thousand eighteen so that's what's really cool, and that's about seven fifteen or so. Yeah. And then of course, at eight o'clock shadow of a doubt movie is going to be played here. I really perfection in terms of movie choices for sure. Okay. SRO's in that movie. Oh, are they I didn't know that. Yeah. There's a piece of a casserole broadcast in that movie. And did you know, apparently, there's a beer shadow of doubt beer is there. A shadow of a doubt in VIP tan. I was told that isn't that? They just slap a label on it today or what it gets from Russian river. And wow, that's impressive. It's ten percent alcohol. That's a little bit early four o'clock. There's much doubt about that. Now, I did not know that. So gotta be focused. If you didn't do anything focused matter. And there will be speakers of. Oh, absolutely. Mayor course. Yeah. I'm not sure I heard maybe congressman Thompson navy here. I would not be surprised to see him here supportive. Santa rosa. I hope he is. So we can celebrate with us. And I know that a lot of our leadership was in Washington DC with congressman Thompson this week. We're still a, you know, making sure that that we're getting all of the assistance in every conceivable way that we can at this juncture after the fires. Absolutely. That's the biggest challenge and things that a lot of people don't realize dealing with federal government at the level that we are to try to get as much.

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