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Fall for that stuff. It's probably an empty box three dollars. Do I hear for your bidding on limits rebounds may contain beautiful? Go Watch all right. May contain a binder at ice cream. Six dollars six dollars For probably about eighty dollars eight dollars I was just after all. It's for a good cause. That's okay eight. Dollars is bitten by the man with the boy on his back or eight dollars. Lie Your another made seven dollars. I'm sorry sir. See the bidding. And only one way. Do I hear nine on both sides? The base three bucks bathe contain him. Earl necklace all worried may contain a delicious marshmallow fund Sunday. No thanks fighting nine dollars. One nine dollars nine fifty. Thank goodness when I am. I wonder who the poor sucker is chance school. I was just thinking. We'd feel awfully silly. If it turned out to be something real valuable all. Harriet bleed here. Ten lease folks must be somebody here crazy enough to and all his hard I saw how about. I'll sell to the first person so enough to save ten dollars ten dollars. I.

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