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Hey and welcome to the shortstop. I'm josh and there's chuck and there's dave and this is short stuff so giddy up partner earls calamity. Janes can shoot in the foot. Did you watch deadwood. No i tried to. And i was like i. I i don't have the emotional investment for this okay Clammy jane was one of the great characters on the tv show. Deadwood great character of the old west and. This is a tough one to research. Because when you're researching some of these people from this era of the old west you start to realize historians admit as much that it's hard to get to the real truth because nobody really knows a lot of the information we have on these characters from back then are very much written by people who wrote their bios for the wild west shows. They did which are obviously going to be changed in pumped up and it's just hard to get the real story But claiming jane is worth talking about in so far as how much we know about her. Yeah and she actually wrote an autobiography which apparently was even more pumped up in full of it than a dime store novels that were written about her but the the point of that is that she was a legend in her own time. Quite quite honestly in actuality yeah. I'm not going to use the But she was born mary. Jane canary which is a great name in and of itself but she does have one of the all time great nicknames. Calamity jane or calamity jane depending on where you come from And i'll go ahead and spoil. This is interesting. He said the l word. Because that was a showtime show. I believe about gay women and it is very possible that calamity. Jane was a gay women at a time where you could not live as such There is speculation about that. And we'll get to that here and there through the thing. But i read a few articles. That said yeah. Calamity jane was probably gay. And then the nineteen sixties. She became a bit of a gay icon in some circles In very sorry yeah. I didn't know that yeah..

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