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Biggest feather in gina raimondo's cap because you know quite frankly what can we a successes right now is her opponent's going into the election are going to crush on you hip they are going to crush on the dc y f situation the deaths they are going to crush on even they could even pick apart free tuition because it's not and it didn't really get anywhere and he's a pep rally today eleven o'clock trying to hang on to add any shred of what could be some perception of free tuition in we're getting people trapped it's not a guarantee that is gonna be maybe forty fifty people well that take advantage of that at ccri and let's hope they and i hope they do and i hope they graduate in two years it's five percent graduation rate at ccri i i mean the whole thing is almost baresi the biggest thing she could do right now is in i i might even i'll take this state of georgia executive order by the governor creating the office of the state inspector general it's one of these very formal uh files from the state of georgia that ray burberry coups in the hummel report this week uh he sent it to me and i'll send it to the governor's office and say this even on the radar me i think that would be the biggest thing she could do it says section one the governor shall appoint the state inspector general the governor hereby appoints brigadier general this is in georgia uh james see horn us air force retired as the state's burst general she could be a hero she could be a hero if they're listening glomma hunt to it you don't have to give me any credit you know if you don't even have made give it to the hummel report give it to mr berber iq it's a great idea just because it didn't come from the office doesn't mean it's not a great idea be that be the hero see the hero be the hero i think she should just do it for get going through the bills in the state house it's never going to happen do it on your own governor raimondo i think it's.

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