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Want the box trying to repetition happen backs not put them in a bye i'm michael and also apparently perch with going to purchase a couple shouted they talked back and forth at that point and now it's some time which you do not in that cliff debate then schein from the documentary you're the conversation going back and forth between three clarkson i'm the counter and michael brown at one point that like oh leads and it takes whatever that appeared hit each other up on the outer that the three clark smelled it takes that let them and then go out of the store that you know play by play can be you try to take eight after the figuras with them but they call him back and then that's when you put there so it and and the sugar allows back on the counter maria was the question asking if the we don't know by the way we still do not now there's a lotta speculation what was in that bag that the employee you smell that michael gave them into back was there any conversation with jay cancel the attorney for ferguson market as to why perhaps the employees if it was some sort of substance illegal substance did not call police you know what i as jake chandler is well would make michael brown think that he could go wanted to store and do a fodder deal like that i not that i didn't hats kanter's response to that lives well he would not a regular in their storied this little later first or second time for be more year because he shared did he get rated in targets immediate them all again grandmother on plan feel the weekend really addressed that issue but the criminal factory should've it laid it night it was the end of the day we won thirty that in the morning.

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