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Know, a lot of things about the Bartlett administration here getting to see it on the campaign trail is a neat. New microcosm for it. Right. These little storylines. Always remind me of the greater storyline of the movie Bulworth in which I play small rural it, which you have Warren Beatty. As Senator j Bulworth who has in fact, hired somebody to kill him for insurance reasons, and he realizes for the first time in his now soon to end life that he has the ability to say, whatever he feels and believes and say it any form he likes, and it's freeing for him the same way that a candidate who believes that he's not going to win or a president who has no more racist to run the radically is free to do say as he or she pleases. Yeah. But being leashed by your own success from having. Off the leash as a really neat hamic. This is a strange moment in this episode where Josh and Santos are having their own version of the ethanol debate when Josh's visits the insult and injury tour going to North Dakota, South Dakota as core sounding name farm stuff. It was a strange example since in season three we already had that storyline. Kind of of true. You remember the Dada has to go to North Dakota early about the Kotas and about their names miss moss? Are you where the studies clearly showed the word north leaves the impression that the state is cold snowy and flat significantly depressing tourism at business startup due respect, sir. Your average temperature seven degrees your average snowfall forty two inches in aim change isn't going to take care of that. We enjoy roughly the same climate of South Dakota. We took in seventy point seven million in tourism revenue last year. They took in one point two billion. They have the word south also mount Rushmore. Four. Yeah. That was a great scene in that episode. I was good. They didn't quite top it here. It's like a little. It's a weird callback a little tip of the hat. That's what I was wondering like it doesn't feel like it can be coincidental. And yet at the same time, it also feels like it doesn't remember this previous scene. It's an interesting question. Yeah. Here's the part that I loved after this. Josh Allen Santos, then arguing about the black and Brown forum, and what Santos can say or can't stay while. They're having that argument. I think this is again, just great economy of storytelling, while they're having that argument, you might not even paying attention while it's happening. They're walking out to a runway, and they go to this small plane, and as they're talking.

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