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Lexus. The specifics of craft operate in the background. In order to get out of the way of the emotion they are intended to evoke chief designer. Koa suge described as being akin to how happiness works as humans. We aren't necessarily conscious of being happy. But we know immediately. When we are unhappy we noticed the absence of happiness. Not necessarily happiness itself. That kind of thoughtfulness and curiosity is what drives innovation at lexus. Check them out at. Www dot lexus dot com slash curiosity in two thousand nine kalinin. Doyle was married with three children and she started writing a blog. Called monastery book. Epa came any normal bestseller but on the start of her tour for book number two a memoir about the dramatic destruction painstaking reconstruction of her marriage. Her life changed dramatically. She met abby wambach. Have you walk is two time. Olympic gold medalist fiba women's world cup champion and six time winner of the united states soccer athlete of year word. She has also written two bestselling books and has a third on the way. Happy one buck and glennon. Doyle are now married. They join me today from their home in florida to talk about their lives and careers before and after they met agian glennon. Welcome to this very special. Episode of design matters the near state writers institute and the university at albany speakers. Series thank.

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