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Raleigh News Radio 700 WLW radar is good 41 degrees. Teachers have serious concerns about this plan. You hear our voices? We're professionals, and we will be able to bridge any gaps created this school year. Thomas Frank is the vice president of the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers. He is not in favor of the district's plan to go back to a blended learning model starting the week of February. 1st. The school board has reaffirmed its decision to do that, and a Thursday statement from board President Caroline Jones says the movies being made based on the advice of health partners. Load transmission within buildings, the rollout of the vaccine to staff and more governor DeWine wants to start giving the vaccine to school staff across the state starting in February, even though Ohio does not have enough vaccine to cover members of the general public currently eligible. I'm Jack Crumley news radio 700 wlw in the fight against Cove. It latest numbers in Ohio 7257 recoveries today that race is the total. 637,463 the recovery's almost as high again as the case Cow, which has been the theme this week. Seems like Hopefully that continues throughout the Buckeye State. Today's new case, Count 7271. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden making covert 19 a top priority Maura from ABC News, President Joe Biden lean out his covert 19 vaccination plan, saying there is no time to waste with 407,000 Americans dead in just one year we're in a national emergency. This time we treat it like one, he signed executive actions to fund testing, expand vaccination mega sites and help coordinate with states. Dr. Anthony Fauci, staying on in his role from the previous administration spoke of the Daily press briefing following the signing, saying vaccinations will need to ramp up as the virus mutates the phenomenon of a more transmissible virus. Is something that you take seriously. Michelle Frandsen, ABC News arm, Rob Carpenter, Your next update at 11 o'clock breaking news any time news radio 700 wlw. Hi,.

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