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Will you check this out? The U. S could soon be sandwiched between two countries with federally legalized marijuana. Yeah, Mexico is moving forward that legislation to make the moment cannabis plant available for a variety of uses candidate that did the same thing a few years ago. Here in the U. S. You know where there's a few states where marijuana is legal, but nothing universal and there's still a few steps to go through. But the bill would make Mexico the world's largest cannabis market has been approved by you know, the Mexican Senate. It's a big deal, but I'll tell you the world's largest cannabis market. Yeah, well and that zah good thing in a bad thing. Unfortunately, it Z tends to cause some issues at our border. But you know what? I have no interest in smoking pot ever again have spent 40 years since I've done it. But what I do have interest in the end interest in is a strong economy. And I don't have an interest in leaving just millions and millions of dollars on the table. That is right there and all the problems that that could potentially solve for us we need to do so is Mexico. I know I'm talking about the United States of America. Gotcha. Talking about us legalized you, like give us an idea of what it would look like and don Pryor's world what it would look like is even though I might be smelling pot walking down the street like you do in Denver, apparently in downtown Denver. You can smell it everywhere. But I would smell that. And think $0 bills. I'm smelling money. That is the smell of money, right? And I don't think any increase in crime that we might have. As a result, uh, is significant enough would be significant enough to forego all this money that we're just leaving on the table. That's right there for the pick and ready for us. I mean, ready for I don't know what happened in that drug deal last week that led to the death of a young, You know, state San Marcus athletes there with university. In a drug deal gone bad. This athlete shot in the chest. Yeah, I just wonder if if if pot was legal, what do you got shot in the chest? Uh, I can't tell you, Todd. I mean, I have a feeling there were other issues going on. There is well, I mean, you know about more about that than I do. I don't know. Well, I'm just saying, I'm just saying I don't listen, Colorado we have people shooting each other all over the place. That's not what I'm hearing. That's what I'm saying. So you're agreeing with me? Yeah. 6 49 check this out. Major corporations, Nike and Coca Cola are reportedly pushing back on legislation that would crack down on forced labor in China. Yeah, The New York Times reported yesterday that the two companies Have joined several others in an effort to put pressure on Congress to weaken a bill that would ban imported goods made with forced labor in China's Beijing residents region. It's pretty interesting, Yeah, The older Food forced Labor Prevention Act has bipartisan support in Congress and is designed to ban certain goods that are produced in China. What the aid of forced labor, particularly at the expense of religious minorities. Its passage would also forced corporations to place their own supply chains under a proverbial microscope in in order to ensure that there's you know there were avoiding suppliers who utilize Such labor force is jump in here at 51283605 years. An individual do you pay attention, Tolo, where what you're buying was made. You pay attention to that You pay attention to me in the USA made in China. I'm just like everybody listening, No, but we should write tech giant Apple. Even the United States Chamber of Commerce have also pushed back on the legislation, according to The New York Times, Yes, pretty interesting. Coca Cola has been linked to you know, sugar suppliers in this region and Nike has been tied to Ah factory in that region as well for their products using forced labor to make the products both companies pushing back on suggestions that they would that they would allow forced labor in order to keep their suppliers. Coca Cola released a statement saying that the company strictly prohibits any type of forced labor in our supply chain. And use third party auditors to ensure that their standards of being upheld Well, who knows who I might be? I'm having a Coke over here. I might be helping support helps support force labor. Right now. I feel terrible. Nike stated in March of this year that their factory did not import source materials. It had stopped hiring folks from that region kind of admitting that, Yeah, they were using some forced labor, but now they're trying to get away from it. This report, also published in March by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, stated that in 2019, the factory factory employed about 800 people and produce more than seven million pairs of shoes. Four slaver. It sounds like a lot of products that we use. It might be kind of hard to get away from it. The reason it's an issue is because the Colin Kaepernick's of the world love to go around telling you how to live. Meanwhile, they're you know, they're propped up and and enjoy the fruits of their labor force. Labor, oppression, official oppression. That's real oppression, real slavery. No kidding. Yeah, I mean, it's worked. It's worked out really Well, I wish the MBA would step up and say something about you know their relationship with China. Think of all the millions said made off of this, Yeah. Yeah. Thanks, Colin. Little bit a little bit hypocritical there. Yeah, no doubt. All right, Jump in here. 51283605 90 Toll free 8775905525, Florida Congressman Matt gets supporting President Trump's claims of voter fraud this morning. If we allow the voting process to be separated from identification, authentication, audit and review, Then we're asking for these types of outcomes because when it comes to the people except to show up in person and vote, this was a land. Slide for Donald Trump. There you go now. Gatch. He was on Fox last night and election officials in states contested by Trump's legal team say they discovered no evidence of rides spread voter fraud. Here's gets again, You can prove that there is fraud as to some ballots. But if those fraudulent ballots are then mixed into a larger pool, it's very difficult to obtain remedies from the courts to exclude that entire pool of polluted ballots. There could be a Supreme Court ruling in one of these legal challenges, and we'll hear from John Jonathan Turley, a law professor coming up at 705 on that we'll get his insights jump in here. 51283605 90. You've seen the video showing a man jumping from the top of the arch of the 3 60 Bridge. This video's gone viral. And according to Austin, Travis County E. M s..

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