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Free our five question. The whole immortal danger going to be regular news so we talked about this last week. So Charlie's angels came out in America. Erica came out in the UK. This week reboot. Elizabeth Banks is writing and directing She come out makes him not gonNA say controversial subjects because to be honest she didn't come out and so you said you long ago. It's just that's been dug up now was basically saying that. If Charlie's angels bombs it will be because the movie going audience. Do not want to pay for it. Because they by implying that basically action films sexist and we've had I. He's an spiderman movie work we have another Charlie's angels movie and that that did upset some people on the Internet and it doesn't help that the marketing Charlie's angels has been very bad as as it. Yes they went and got some great popstars Ryan Brian. Who Song for it? But let's face it. It's not destiny level promotion and yet it's been hardly any promotion and what surprise is not very well in the box office that does not mean. Elizabeth banks is blaming world innings that certain media outlets are trying to find a narrative to to go in there and yeah she probably GonNa find better ways to address some of that when responses since then but anyway she's guys directing an invisible woman movie now remember and last week were talking about the invisible man trailer which has got Elizabeth Moss in banks. And maybe even starring in an invisible woman and now this is not based on that welded. Our parents might tie in apparently in the nineteen sixties. There was a comedy film. About the invisible woman about mannequin. Or woman who works in a mannequin store or something like that becomes invisible and order shenanigans. She gets up. Today and Elizabeth Banks is helping that John does that. Sound interesting. Sounds sounds like a lot of invisible movies but yeah I forty spot movies. I'm all in for for as long as I really creative ways of like a conscious bay just like a Sauk floating in Edgar who saw yeah now think Elizabeth. Thanks having a moment so I think Anything she does. I'm a big Fan and I'm a bit questionable. She saw south up with the Charlie's angels things. Oh it's not my fault. The movie is definitely not rubbish guys. It's not even out yet but if it bombs is because your problem not made. It doesn't help as well that this is not a foul but in the marketing campaign in London that I'm how big boss fake rhymes like spend money and London's famous for is big right Bossi's as you sponsor the big red buses because when people traveled to London everyone wants to the big red bus. A go you are getting a million type of. You'll post the being shared on social media not just actuated Madonna for fucking years anyway history of marketing. When I went over on those big posters that they've been putting on the buses? There was kind of a fuck up from the agency so at the top of the film they put an Elizabeth Banks Film. They then decide to not put the cart and per Elizabeth Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth banks and another. Elizabeth is a perfect so five times I think it was massive poster and it's SORTA SORTA body actively trying to push through and women's empowerment is Elizabeth by banks. Man It it doesn't help her like I said it's kind of a narrative some media outlets are going full and we haven't seen it yet. Let's be honest reason. Why is because I? I wasn't available for screen because I just had a kid. But at some point we'll catch up on that and maybe do a retrospective review but in all honesty like people come to aspect retrospect too. I'm not really a big Fan of light really retro reviews like you know you see on twitter. Oh my hotel Dressy Park. Welcome might yeah. We know he's a good film. Yeah I'm not sure it's one of them could possibly passes is going to be a net flicks and we might joke about it after The Hague down around but anyway Elizabeth banks is interesting and I can't wait to see what she does with this property. Speaking about interesting people will be Jordan wooden. He has been in some really interesting films document. Creative exactly fantastic. Not to mention kill Manga in Black Panther just to nine bus a few of these amazing things. And he's met with Warner Brothers about becoming superman an interesting idea right. Now be Jordan at Black Superman. I'd be interesting right. I think needs something right. I'm Hemi third record. I love you man if I ever. I know puppy drink cats and I know what dokie bring Dan on dial we'll muster up the courage to come over and be dog but he is superman in for a generation he always will be and he is even come out and said the Cape is still hanging in my cupboard. I've not said goodbye to their. Yeah I think one of ours has for him but let's see what happens there but let's face it. The guys too powerful not really that much interesting in a world where superhero movies or just movies in Germany become more complex. You can't just make strides up movie anymore. You have to find different ways different realities different flavors of society that might see a diverse engaging experience. Some not Michael Jordan can definitely fucking that Yeah Superman is as always i. Think the Lemus Superhero. So I say Michael Jordan David. If Mom's side they have really controversial script about fifteen years years ago written much. Aj Brims and before Star Wars. And before I think it was Ryan cloverfield time matchday And it completely changed. Superman Line Krypton still exists. I doesn't blow up. Superman is not the only criterion that lives on earth like they come back and forth so thing and there was such an issue before the Internet was the Internet and it was like incident but it was kind of like an Internet not not ready and this twitter wall and Internet and even like the feedback was sorry negative of this idea that truth justice and the American Way and and Christopher Reeve and eventually they went down that direction of the Brandon. Ralph Superman Mussa members. which again for my money? I Love Brian I think he's. He's done an amazing Christopher Reeve impression if you wanted to know if Christopher Reeve was still around we made a superman movie in modern times that is. Your film. Doesn't help the director. Theresa is Bryan Singer and the less said about him the better but the actual feel my icon enjoyed. It and Kevin Spacey was other than Brandon. routh anyone else. I should be mentioned from that. But the idea of someone like Michael Jordan taking up the role. Let's not talk about fantastic folks talking films terrible. Not He's fault. Josh Josh Tank the director wrote a review of that Phil read years later about right now well and you could find out what he he. He doesn't go to bed versus really interesting director. He basically he. That project went fucking terrible appearance and that sort of stuff and he wrote review. That would be really interesting. Directors did that more than ten years after the film. Yeah I just explained everything about it. All is the biggest fuck up. So I imagine Zach. Snyder Broder retrospective about the process of making Justice League or other films opposite apparently shawshank redemption was a complete calamity. Ray like everything went wrong by everyone was like dishes now enjoyed making it now that the process was terrible that the pulls production Sharon Schutte are interference. Stephen King was like getting involved in pissing off EPO to the point where no I'm dumb. fucking movie. Shawshank Redemption John. Donald Moving on what is actually one of the best phone. Bizarre isn't it probably shows the power of the immune. Definitely I think miss I'm wolf fame. We'll talk about later in. Our Review Scorsese owes the Ingram along as well when it comes to put an excuse. He's saying editor for his entire career on school. Size as a real. She's only star Percy thanks. She started getting recognition now. like a lot people aside you know what dude you're right direction but you are partnership and only only a fucking partners then. It's not just all about you and again she's the argument and you know we'll talk about that a little bit later on anyway. Let's round off knows So bad td better also as mentioned at the start at. I'll go to the park. I can coach fucking right. View is who saw west right back. Who Song Breaking back whereas athletic let s behind breaking bats? But it's it's definitely not a disappointment. I remember being devious dubious about the prequels but so it was definitely security. You WANNA see more I. I think it's really good shug back. WHO So? I'm this is good. It's the last one so they're going to round off there's is not said it but how can I note. They are because it goes one. Every season mandis diving plays Carton Ovallis paypal is that represents one year sees one started approximately five years before the star breaking bad and this would be season five so that means just by its own logic to season should conclude at around the start breaking back I would love it. Concludes Meeting will Y as literally he goes to work and he gets and while Sydney office that. Yeah they literally recreate the first United Lifetime the he makes them and breaking bad just to kind of I I would like it studiously. A tight too loose ends at the same time one completely agree of you. It should end with him going into his office and meeting. Most what I seen we get for him in breaking bad. I also think this technology trends as the what's been going on in the past which you you get icy Discharges about an always at the stall or maybe sometimes at the end there is a black and white scene of what Jimmy went to. Right isn't not cinnabon getting locked in cupboards and not read very much and being afraid of policemen. Would it be amazing if you find out that that cinnabon is in Alaska and as he's walking home one day he walks past the another gentleman who's just arrived in town. Got Weird Accent Kooning. Everyone Bitch that that. Yeah that's a to be fair. We try to ride our endings but lovely so we just wanted to rent the universe where it's but now like I didn't want him to do to spin off. Movie fucking is brilliant. And now you you got in Vince Gilligan. Trust and he's never let me down now and just a quick thing as I saw in the news was that the show is coming back in February and if in February when discharge finishes Being Watch finish I sign the narrative of releasing one a week. We're still talking about mandatory and we're still talking about succession. We're still talking about else watchmen like I think. Weekly releasing the White Cigar. Yeah Jayme a friends. I mean Bill Up. It was the big show of time he's I think as a world where he's do have binge shows but when it becomes mega it becomes a topic becomes topical often weekly makes more sense but anyway that's let's say about who Bruce L. concludes would you like to see more in this world and ifs. I hope to give a spinoff show today I would take. I would definitely takes Knife I it's really hard to say. Isn't it because it would have to be a pretty cool at this point. Who would you mike my the man? That was the night natural to see how Mike what he did with the cover and he saw problems. I can't be plagued by. He's too you old. Dia Jim the money. Yeah Jim quite easily. Because he's kind of boat. Yeah he's basically just his own. ooh Look at a young ish old man and I'll be happy and just him in New York as a crooked copper and something happens whereas some gets in trouble up washout all day man. We fucking brilliant. And it'd be funny. They got the voice dubbed by the guy applies to recreate voice voice. Now you really. Can't you really anyway. What other shows from breaking bad universe you'd like to see given the prequel treatment gang contact us on twitter at Tocqueville's.

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