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To to the local school system. This is one of the most oft repeated lies of the amnesty crowd. They say, well, we we just want to we just want to make the legal because then I'll pay into all these programs, right then. No, no, no. That's not what's going overwhelmingly illegal immigrants would oh nothing in federal income taxes if they were here illegally, they don't make enough money. They might pay some, you know, some taxes along the way, but they would be net beneficiaries in. In fact, one of the problems that came up with the gang of eight Bill for amnesty. Remember, Marco Rubio, and those other senators back in the Obama administration was that they wanted retroactive tax filing and illegals under that under. That system would have been getting a check. It'd be getting a check from the government for missing out on some of the largest from Uncle Sam that comes to you. If you make under a certain amount of money that they could be. That's right. They could be getting they would be getting paid for having been illegals here by the government. We have twenty two trillion dollar national debt. All right. That's from the Americans that are already here from system that we have the spending that we done mostly entitlement spending, some war spending to twenty two trillion dollars. You think bringing in more people who are much more likely as a percentage of the general population to be reliant upon welfare benefits about fifty percent. And by the way, the people say that illegal immigrants don't get welfare. They're all they just it's so hard. There's so many lies. Yes, they do all there has to be as one per if there's a household headed by run by a legal immigrants. There's one child that is born in the states who's a citizen then everybody else. In the household is going to benefit from the from the welfare payments to that to that child as a as a citizen child in this country. So and and the the adult in charge of them gets to apply for it. And there's a whole system just scam after scam after scam, and then all the lines around it. But. With the system overwhelmed. The way that it is the Democrats have no incentive to try to change anything. In fact, I think fourth fourth illegal alien in custody just passed away just died, and you know, what that's going to turn into that's going to turn into a rallying cry for people who are upset at how imaginations and customs enforcement handles those that are in their custody. They're going to say, oh, it's terrible. You know, remember, you had former senior government officials like Mike Hayden used to be my boss, the CIA comparing our border patrol, immigrations and customs enforcement agents to Nazis in the never abolish ice that was just last summer. So now you've had another person died. They're showing up in our system is not meant to handle this. They know that and they're showing up and he's very large numbers specifically. Because they know that they can't be processed. But because they can't be processed, and they also can't necessarily be given entirely adequate medical screening and medical care right away because it's not the Red Cross on the border, it's border patrol. But we're going to be told, oh, they're so nasty and they're terrible. And how could they do this? And all and all this other stuff. That's what they're gonna say. And it's just going to be an emotional argument. Bereft of reason. Don't.

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