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He this memo doesn't team the muller investigation at all people were coming up in arms liberals are saying hey look this is great and new republicans are angry about it but do you think they are people who are shocked by this memo do you think they would rather others see it as a tool to question the fis a court itself rather than this investigation yes and i am in that camp i do not believe that this uh affect muller i don't think it's a criticism of moller i think it shows you the dangerous things that can happen one courts made in secret and there is no adversary and the other side of the table well the but you look what's happened you know even people like president trump who have had a lot to say about this memo you thought you said yourself a few weeks ago he tweeted out a bit of a you know a questioning the fis a court and then he said that being said we need fis us so i don't think this fight is no one's gonna make any changes to this are they probably not look devon known as i've been very critical of more week tommy devon known as sat on this for eight months while the congress was debating fis that as an act of deception and itself how could you keep information of abuses of fis uh from congress wanted to voting to ratify and extend it that's reprehensible on the part of nunez and the republicans on the committee to share this with the members of congress before they voter of us the you know when they brought this how the day after president trump signed the new fis into law so it did nunez vote four or five zero s yes he did uh interact with standing what he knew and notwithstanding has uh then public criticisms of the people involved you vote to give more power to people that you don't trust with a little power they have you explain that to be devon oh boy let you go do you think rosenstein will stay on.

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