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Trump's popularity among many in the Republican party has not faded one bit in the last two years at the ones I talked to today who were willing to stand in the rain as one woman said, I'm a Trump Trump Trumpster, and they are, and I think probably the level of his support may still be underestimated by pollsters. So I guess I'm starting to think now, you know, maybe Republicans will hang onto the house. If this many people who are this stirred up do indeed get out to vote. And what does it mean for Mark Harris and Ted, bud? We will see the interesting thing about this is I think when they looked at this on paper, maybe a month ago, they said now we didn't know this was going to happen yet. But I'm sure that Republican operatives were plotting out where they might go. And I think they probably said at that point in time that Mark Harris need some help down there in North Carolina. I think Mark Harris got a bump from the cavenaugh hearings. I think Mark. Has has gotten a bump from some of the other headlines lately, and this this may end up being icing on the cake now that could change it we as we just pointed out at our pre game show so to speak. Two days ago. We're talking about the caravan. And then now in the last forty eight hours, we talking about this brand new story at least as far as this week is concerned about the suspicious packages. So you never know what the new cycle is going to be an, Robin. Hayes said that to us a little bit earlier on the broadcast. You don't know what's going to happen in the next two weeks. But I think if you're Mark Harris, you gotta like where you're standing right now comparatively to a month ago. Well, and Trump tried to turn the news cycle back to the caravans. He as you said he mentioned, this is about cavenaugh and caravans and tax cuts. So he tried to turn it back to those issues that got to be elected in two thousand sixteen and I think the other thing that is so interesting here is just in terms of Mark Harris another poll came out today. I believe from the New York Times still has him five points up. I think forty seven percent to forty percent that bodes very well for what's interesting, Mark is I thought it was interesting. Neither of the candidates bud or Harris mentioned there. Their opponents. They said they they referred to them as their opponents and Trump Trump and mentioned manning, and Dan McCreevy's that was interesting. So I, and I that that's what you call television soundbites, I faked that was specifically we will probably see a campaign ad against Dan McCreevy with with Trump saying, he's he's a liberal, and what was the other phrase that he used here. I can't remember what he said, Dan mccready is is a liberal. And I think that was probably done just for television ads that you'll see in the next week. And so ends final thoughts for. And our coverage today. Ten WBZ. Mark garrison. Always a pleasure to be on the air with you, read Janssen, happy to have you in the fold now as well. Thanks to Ron Tillerson who's been running things. He absolutely, of course, Jon more back at the station, the legendary John Moore and before him this afternoon, we had TJ bogs running the board and Pat MacQuarie, of course, was back. Paddock Corey was there for us in the in the early part of the show before he had to go find his seats and Jesse Nixon back in the studio as well. We could not do it with everybody behind the scenes making a sound good and helping the the great colossus do what we do which is bring you events. Like this the station of record here in Charlotte, North Carolina. So gosh, any final final plots started meteorologist said this is my very first ever political rally of Republican democrat, independent, whatever. And it was it was I think the woman that you interviewed earlier from Augusta hit the nail on the head of what it was like she called it a pep rally for America. And that's exactly what it felt like it felt like a pep rally. And everyone walking around with their American flag garb it just felt like a pep rally for America. And that's exactly what I feel like like a high school pep rally. Sure. Did. All right. Well, I just again, I was amazed at the size of the crowd. A given the weather, and I think that shows that the intensity of support for Donald Trump has not faded while. I remember that guy who has said when they were setting out to kind of stood out in the middle before the crowd kind of gathered, and he kind of looked at the podium me looked around. He's he's wearing that shirt that said in God, we Trump. Really a remarkable sites today. Four Mark garrison. Brad Johnson Ron Tillerson, both Thompson signing off from bojangles Coliseum. This has been continuing coverage of election two thousand eighteen President Trump visits the Queen city and holds a rally for Mark Harris and for Ted, bud. Good night. Everybody. From Tyler Perry..

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