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And now alcoa presents definitely not on the show dateline queens new york a twenty eight year old off-duty nypd off serve struck her thirty seven year old sister multiple times eight. Oh fight over a pair of slippers. Jeff not all right well softball rules and regulations. So i when. I was watching Cnn they did an expose on the women's softball team and their pitcher. Who's a thirty eight year old cagey veteran. And i was looking at her and she was on the mound and she had no visor and no hat no anything he was hatless visor less nothing less and the other team members on the field seemed to be wearing a visor. So there's now an option of zero wearing anything on your head which which weird to me. Also when i was talking to max pat. I was complaining to him about it today. One of the best places for the logo is the baseball hat. Like it should say they should all wear baseball hat and it should say team usa or whatever that thing is like now that the indians have a different name but the or the orioles you know it was always just right there front and center on the cap. It's a great advertisement for your for your brand. The visor doesn't give you much. Is that little tiny much billboards space up there not sure also with. It's called the uniform. But chris do you have a picture of The there's a bunch for Because she played in the olympic before pulling up. She's just oh one this one. She had a headband. On it pretty crazy. Very thin headband. Her i didn't see. I didn't see anything but anyway point is this Everyone needs to wear the same thing. And that's the rule you know. There is no rule in baseball that you have to wear a baseball hat really. That's what i said. I'm very surprised. But here's well here's where it'll clear it up for you. The rule is you do not have to wear baseball hat but everyone on your team has to do the executive so interesting. Sure right and no one's ever made that choice elected to go didn't the This i didn't know white. Sox were advisors like nineteen eighty two or some shit like short using the white sox working for how long. Yeah so anyway yes. Obviously everyone's like this doing right. Feel to meet the the cap first things first. Everyone's just wear baseball hat this. I don't care for playing softball hardball. You were baseball hat number one because it's like to me. It's like the top of the uniform like it is. It's a big part of the uniform in baseball for me and you should do it. But if you're not gonna wear the baseball hat and you choose to wear visor. Then all you bitches gotta wear vice. I cannot just have the pitcher going up there with the scrunchy and the shortstops got advisor on. It's it's called. A uniform needs to be uniform socks. Low that's up to you. Customize in no socks is not an option to wear but when it comes to pitchers quarterbacks are there anything. Is there anything that they can do. Because of who they are and what position they play that other. That other people don't have to do like she's the pitcher. He's the diva so does she get. Does she get leeway now. It'd be like why. Tom brady have to wear a helmet. He's the quarterback like not helmet. But anything like the quarterback mask but anyone can wear any facemask Any any any way they want. You have to face aaron rodgers. for example. Wearing like the to bar alignment and wearing the k. Right customize that so the rules max pattern went and looked up. Yeah so for soft. I i looked at the nc double edge..

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