Khosro Shahi, Chief Operating Officer, Senator Connie Leyva discussed on KCBS Radio Weekend News


Month after the company's rocky initial public offering CEO DARA, Khosro Shahi told employees in an Email Friday. He plans to be more involved in day-to-day operations. Now that the IPO has passed Kassir shot. He says the heads of the global rides and east team. Will report directly to him and chief operating officer Barney, Harford will leave the company show. He also says it's crucial for Uber to have a consistent unified narrative, and he plans to combine the marketing communications policy teams, chief marketing officer, Rebecca Messina will also leave the company big rigs could soon. Be required to get smog tested in California chino. Democratic Senator Connie Leyva says her new Bill is designed to cut down on air pollution. If each has a small check sixteen hundred tons of not to will be taken out of the air, and it'll be like three hundred and seventy five thousand big rig. Trucks off the road. Big rigs have been exempt from smog testing in California, Leiva, says right now trucks can randomly be pulled over. But there's no way to enforce that heavy polluting trucks, get fixed. She says the California trucking association supports her Bill state already requires truck owners to install diesel exhaust filters on their rigs into and to replace engine spelt earlier than the twenty ten model year, Marin county, health officials are hailing the rise of kindergarten vaccination rates since two thousand one the county has been known for decades for its low childhood vaccination rates that rates concerns about disease outbreaks this school year. Just over ninety four percent of kindergarten students had all the vaccinations required to attend school. It's the closest that county has been to the state average of nearly ninety five percent since two thousand and one watching.

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