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I'm going to fit in a break when we come back. Guiliani liane admitting to a new part of Ukraine plot. You got to hear this and I I have a very special guest. That's going to go behind the scenes with us into this Washington impeachment fight when we come back welcome back. I'm joined now by Republican congressman. Mike Johnson a member under the Judiciary Committee and Chairman of the House. GOP Study Committee. Good Evening Sir. Thanks for coming on the be great to be with you happy to have you. We always liked to get into this huge which fight obviously in Congress. This vote Wednesday. Do you think any of the evidence has come out against. Donald Trump on the issues of the alleged abuse of power or alleged obstruction of Congress are concerning Does any of it concern you or do you feel he has a clean book. ehealth going into the floor vote. I really do believe he has a clean bill of Health Health Net and this is why I say this are before. He attacked my premise. Okay I sat through fourteen hours of the house. Judiciary Committee last week. as you know hundreds of hours ago on into this but what they've produced for us is as Professor Turley said he was our expert witness in house judiciary about two weeks ago. He said this is the fastest impeachment on the thinnest evidentiary record and the narrowest terrorist grounds in the history of impeachments. This has never happened in two hundred and forty three years and I don't think there's anything there to show an impeachable offense. I don't think they have direct evidence. For that reason season I think donald trump should be acquitted. Would you look at the direct evidence. They have on withholding the money and then asking for the Biden investigation. Do you think it is wrong for a president to ask for investigation of a rival like that. Yeah I heard your previous segment and a hurt. Rob Reiner your discussion. He had with him and he said if you're digging up dirt and you're trying to affect the outcome of an election coming forward. Look none of that is in. This record is just not and if anybody watched the fourteen hours of our judiciary committee hearing where we went through every jot and tittle of the evidence. That's not there. Now let's get into that specifically which I think views here from you. Sure what do you think go of the president using his powers to get Ukraine. You investigate the Biden's and announced that you don't dispute. That was his goal. No I don't but I think there are some very important facts in the record that show the full context of that and I think I don't think you can review this in isolation. What are the important? Faxes both president trump and presidents Alinsky. He said very clearly. There was no pressure exerted. The Ukraine officials didn't know military aid was being temporarily delayed. There never was an investigation that began they. Actually they did get the military aid in fact they got the missiles they needed to properly defend themselves and they got the meeting in the White House. So let's let's go through a couple of you just mentioned several things Pentagon officials and others has testified under oath. That not only did they know. They didn't get the money they were asking about. So the fairest way to put your claims at least disputed by others under oath with with regard though to the pressure. Ukraine didn't get the money they still don't have all the money. Do you think they should get all the money. That was initially withheld by the trump administration. Which I think they should get the money? That Congress appropriated for that purpose. I do think I believe that what the president was after was some security for those funds. You Know He. He's he's famous for this Wanting to protect the treasure of American taxpayers when we send our money overseas and I think everybody should want whoever the president is to guard this. Jealously we don't I want our money. Being squandered Ukraine remember was listed as the third most corrupt country in the world so Linski came in as a reformer and the president. President trump wanted to make sure that he was genuine. Regard found that Audi related to I think people have a hard time squaring that everyone knows by. Now there's this process in place to deal with checking the corruption. As you mentioned it's mandated by law and the president's own call notes have him saying he wants the Biden embarrassment probe corruption indeed and we check this. I'm curious your response when you actually look at the call. There's zero references to corruption in the entire call. And that's the White House zone evidence and then you mentioned the money. You voted against the continuing appropriations which has many issues including the Ukraine money. So I guess I give you a chance to speak to that if Ukraine to get the money honey why did you vote against them getting it in that CR well. Are you been around this town a long time. You know that these big spending bills often are Omni buses or many many buses as we call them and there's lots of things loaded onto there. You can't take one issue in isolation we vote on large spending measure. That's the four and I just in fairness that so you were for Ukraine and getting the money you against other stuff in that vote on that bill of course Ukraine has this aggressor Russia right over their shoulder and they're an ally of ours and we do need to assist them. But I like most American citizens want to know that when we send the funds over there. It's not going to be squandered by their political corruption and there's a lot of corruption going on among that. Was this very suspect situation about Brisbane. Which is a infamously corrupt corporation and Hundred Biden gets put on the board with no experience? No background in gas. And he's eighty thousand dollars a month. I mean that does raise questions in anybody. That's looking at it objectively. I think would agree with that. Well I think that that raises two questions questions. You say raises questions if this is such an important issue to the US why not have the US. Investigative is you. I think would concede it's pretty unusual to ask a foreign government to outsource outsource to do the work and then you get into the goal was apparently and again I if ambassador solid was lying I assume the president should say so and fire him. That hasn't happened. Let's look at about asser solid and others saying under oath the goal was just to announce the investigation a dirty up. The by didn't matter whether it got got done that's their testimony. Take a look. He had to announce the investigations. He didn't actually have to do them as I understood. This was a demand that presidents Alinsky personally commit on a cable. Well news channel to a specific investigation of president trump's political rival. If they're telling the truth under oath that really undercuts. That defense with the president doesn't no because as we said in our hearing over and over you can't take out of context. Either you gotta take the full Scotland as we said. And what what. He said the only indirect evidence aside from his speculation conjecture that he readily admitted was winning. Ask the president on September ninth. What do you want the president famously? Said I don't WanNA quit pro quo. Oh I don't want anything I want this Alinsky do the right thing. That is consistent with what he's always said what he's always stood for America first idea that he has the theme that he's always objected that we wanna make sure if that's true and viewers can make up their own minds because we have a big a big country. Everyone can make up their own mind but if what you're saying is true then why not bring sauna and Mulvaney Giuliani people with the knowledge to go testify in the Senate trial cleared up under oath. Look I'm not opposed to that. I think think Manchester by I'm for all of it if you're going to have a trial it's have all the witnesses. I don't think the president's afraid of that at all but but the ultimate concern is and this is is what the ultimate answer is as well. The founders warned us against a single party impeachment because they thought it would rip the country apart. They were afraid that it would divide the people. And that's what we're seeing right now. Let's be honest if we drag the trial out and everybody already assumes that the outcome is decided going in. Does that behoove the country does it. Does it behoove us to bring hundred jobs in for questioning here. What they have to say? I can't answer that but you're on record saying you disagree with the president. He should make Mulvaney available today. No I'm saying look it's ultimately up to the Senate on the length of the trial and the witnesses that they they come to. I'm saying there's no fear of that because I don't think Mister Mulvaney or anybody has anything to High Congressman Johnson. We've been inviting you on. You've come on which I appreciate. I hope you'll come back back on the beat after your debut tonight Sir. I've enjoyed it. Ari appreciate it. Thank you very much. We're.

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