Ohio, President Trump, Jared Allen discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Ten WTVN Alison Wyant he was happy to be. Back in Ohio where, the president told a crowd of Republican party leaders last, night he loves the state remembering. Fondly is days of working in Cincinnati years ago the Ohio, Republican party state dinners, key, noted, by President, Trump the president highlighting. Among other. Things the race between Republican Mike dewine. And Democrat Richard cordray for governor he's trouble he's a guy? That is real trouble. That's why have you. Have you have these incredible. People running it's very, important thing he'll destroy your state cordray will destroy your state Democrats countered by saying Wall Street destroyed lives across. The country and cordray. While leading the consumer financial. Protection bureau help to rebuild lives that's Jared Allen reporting meanwhile apologizing, for his apology a. Second to polity was, released by, Ohio State head football coach urban Meyer last night and in this statement he says he's. Words and demeanor on Wednesday Did not show how seriously he takes the issue of domestic, violence is, no, apology, wraps up with the. Coach saying what he should have said Wednesday was that he sincerely apologizes to Courtney Smith and her children for. What they have gone, through Mayer has been suspended now for three games for, failing to do more about allegations. Of abuse involving a former assistant coach Zac Smith and other, news starting tomorrow traffic, in the, short north, we'll see some major. Disruptions due. To a construction crane that's being disassembled. The grains removal will mean that north high street in both? Directions near eastern Lincoln. Street will be shut. Down the closure starting tomorrow. Will last until Tuesday, with north high street reopening on Wednesday neighborhood leaders say that the road closure is also an opportunity so they're. Throwing a party called. The short north arts.

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