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Please tell us what's going on All these reunion events in pop culture. They're pretty fun will and another one to the list. The Nashville Film Festival is going to celebrate the impending 20th anniversary of the movie. Oh, brother were out. There were hard now with an online re union of cast members, including George Clooney junk Turo. Tim Blake Nelson and Kris Thomas King. They're getting back together for this event, which is part of the Nashville film festivals, virtual proceedings so I don't remember liking the soundtrack to that movie. Remember the founder? I do because I worked a patina the time and we sold the soundtrack and wheels into it. Oh, mix. I'm Amanda comes sorrow, but they didn't do their own singing in the movie or Yeah, Mooney didn't know definitely did not, You know, so if you want to watch that it's all gonna be part of the National Film Festival. In other television news, Patricia Arquette and Ben Stiller going Operate once again on a half hour comedy Siri's that's been ordered to Apple. Now I know. Do you guys have Apple TV? Plus, I do OK, so you'll be able to watch this show. It's called High Desert featuring a character named Peggy. A former addict who decides to make a new start after the death of her beloved mother, with whom she's lived in the town of Yucca Valley, California makes a life changing decision to become a private investigator. Way does is doing this. Patricia was shot over it said Not your prefer. No, no, actually, actually, she's my favorite. The subway. I wonderful because I loved her and medium, which, by the way, I watched an episode of that the other day because it was on TV, and I was flipping channels. I like that show the story thing show you've ever watched medium. I loved that show. I only watch large cute there. And finally, if you want to know the skin care secrets of Lenny Kravitz. We have them for you, he said. It's very simple, he said. I only used a few things I washed my face. Switchfoot water, and when he's in his Bahamian home, he scrubs it with sand from the ocean, because it's very fine and powering. So what I did to get it. If you want to know what my skincare regime is, That's it. I rubbed my face with sand from the Bohemian ocean, So you know, he just walks outside and grabs a handful of them. Just it's really delicious is it really is so good for your skin? I mean, everybody should be doing everyone's doing everybody He's doing it. That's all the dirt the sound for more check out my took one of 71 dot com.

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