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KOA NewsRadio time is twelve oh to Denver. Bronco quarterback Chad Kelly has been promoted to number two quarterback on, the depth chart this is after his. Place Saturday night against the Vikings step charges. Fluid you know, and it it rewards, guys for plane wall it's only right that's what we live by what our. Players if you playing, well and you. Earn, it you push up you get it it's it's a fairly coach Vance Joseph Broncos and bears preseason game to this coming Saturday our coverage begins at four kickoff 705 the teenage aunt of seven old Jordan Vong, found dead in his, family home last week will be charged as an adult Denver DA has filed notice, to charge Vons ant with first degree murder and child, abuse resulting in death the. Cause of Jordan's death is still pending the filing says the boy was murdered and his body was wrapped in. A blanket and hidden in the portable. Closet in the basement bedroom Crews. Were busy yesterday fighting this three springs. Fire, in northeast, Colorado the. Fire, has burned more than one hundred acres and is burning about four. Nile four miles north of Macedonia which is in Moffat, county from office, windows to, Mars scientists, at CU boulder are showing off. A new insulating. Jail made him part from waste beer they, call it aero jail they get the beer, waste from local, brewers last for. Buckets of waste beer gladly give. It to us and then we'll take that back to. The lamb autoclave to sterilize it and. Then we will introduce our bacteria strains that were using PHD student Andrew has they wait two weeks and get a clear. Rubber mats of cellulose that can be used for installation they claim, it so good that arrow jail could. Be used to build greenhouse-like habitats when we. Colonize Mars for, now it's more likely, to be used to make skyscraper windows more energy efficient our next update at twelve thirty I'm rod Acquittal blah on KOA, NewsRadio. Eight fifty AM and ninety four. One FM As you make around. On the metro area freeways the ramp from county line road to northbound I twenty five closed for construction, eastbound Pinkett boulevard down to one lane at Jackson. Camp. For road work which is back things up almost two tower road Andy if you're. Traveling on westbound I seventy variously enclosures between ward road thirty-second young field also if you're going eastbound you're going to run into the same. Trouble with various lane. Closures no problems and thirty-six between here. In boulder you make the time I tech center the CBS four weather you can. Expect it to be cloudy today the highest going to be. Eighty six tonight's low. Near sixty tomorrow expect a high of eighty nine.

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