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Com's Brian Murphy for the junior giants car donation program I get to see how junior giants changes kids lives every day junior giants is an award winning program that teaches life skills the boys and girls in northern California and when you don't your car your donation supports local kids right here in our own communities and joining is easy just call eight hundred eight one eight fifty two twenty three or visit us at J. R. giants dot org slash cars my favorite part of teaching it's always been this opportunity to make a difference it really is is one three students when they come in because I know I know a great things we have in store in the classroom the best part of my day is when I see the faces of all of my students when they come into my classroom they're able to really get in touch with who they are our students don't have part time needs to be absolutely cannot have solutions one of the changes that we need a smaller class sizes we need a lot more school nurses a lot more school counselors counselors provide at social emotional core that's needed schools need to be safe places for our children to learn every student has a right to quality education no matter what neighborhood you live and we are C. T. A. R. C. T. A. we are CTA Toby boy kindergarten teacher and president of the California teachers association and we brought to this message because quality public schools making better California for all of us hello I'm Mike.

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