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On the goaltender. Also Jonathan quick having to make those lateral movements the lightning removing the puck. So well on that I play unit we have another icing against the kings. Win for Carter. But van birds outlive missing everyone. So it's an offense on face off in the lightning raid point with his power play goal is extended his point streak to eighth straight games. That is a new career bests previous Seidman seven. Carter and podcast to the right of quick. One by podcast. Mcdonagh at the point of civil Kellyanne high slot. Joseph a shot blocked rebound podcast of circles. Bumped buyfordnow Vanenburg had it. Lost the Callahan left circle. Ryan Kellyanne shoots block Callahan. Has it again left Cornell appoint mcdonagh? Got a little shot blocked in front of trying to get the puck out. Spins it for lights up the right wing to the red light flow today. Chernick Doxa down left wing. Mcdonagh. Zips it out to center ice pinball printed light, he has a back with the kings. This is douty in the LA zone. A little to meet tops old friend civil really memorable seasons with the lightning. Dumps it in lightning near corner and pursues point has it. I trying to clear hill in Wagner, right point, looking for Thompson, right corner. Bounced off his stick rate and Coburn gets to it. Turn it for Cherniak act directs it back for Cockburn and a wing turnpike would like to get off the ice year. He gets puck back in Cobra knowledge. Kucherov at center crossed the blind breeding point right circle point, pulls up zipped that Tyler Johnson Johnson peeling off circle cycles, Taku drop sort. Kucha point Gujrat protects. It was cross is nice feed point a shot. Walk in front though. How did he find him through a me's sticks and skates right there four we're trying to clear held in search of what point I'll just pass it to the nearside four. It's Austin Wagner takes it away. Right side feet four. But all zip it out to center ice Coburn's, there Tanaka down lighting have really enjoyed a lot of pot possession since the five on three goals. They scored circuit Jeev right side feet plot to center, what deals it in quick kind of there for Walker. Jake defeat MRs analogy to foliage is going to be another icing gangs look out of sorts of the lightning want to keep them out of sorts with eight fifty three left in the first Tampa Bay up to. The kings started out pretty.

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