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Sustain heats well above four degrees fahrenheit olive oil we can't do that it's it becomes wretched very quickly you're just better off with either eugene real butter yet that's correct real butter even though you're gonna probably have your carter cardiologists have a heart attack when you hear that but the truth the matter you know they they've been talked about exiting bad for you and eggs causing cardiovascular disease which the framing and study actually our debunked that statement as well show what gonna respectfully disagree with that report that no not all saturated fats are bad for you shop are some are and believe it or not cochran oil is one of those that we think what a huge properly actually has a lot of benefits and we're going to take this opportunity to talk about some of the benefits that cochran all does before we do that dr blix let's get into this whole good fat bat that what are they talking about their what is considered a good fat which considered that that well i i think a lot of confusion just comes around our diet in general and so uh you know when you think about diet advice for example you could say well the vegetarian diet is the healthiest well okay there's some studies that talk about that and so some good venom it but what if you're vegetarian diet consist of all bread and cheese do you think that's a healthy diet are people might say a vegan diet or a palio diet is the healthy as well is that the healthy up and say if it's all steak bacon of course not so you can see how things can get warped through different lenses but to say that all pats are created equal would certainly be untrue oh there are when we think about and saturated fats so one of the issues on terms of saturated fat is that on the american heart association will talk about house a saturated fat is more likely to cause issues in terms of arteries are more likely to and therefore more likely to inform plaques and and then if you form a plaque in the artery then you're gonna increase the pressure in that artery again think about your thumb over the end of a garden hose they increases the pressure and so the heart.

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