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To go through all little outdoor get you ready ritual and we're going to do just that i'm looking at the radar unfortunately uh there's a lot of nasty stuff out there it's widely scattered but i mean it covers everything from south of lake charles all away to gulf port in out into the gulf of mexico mostly along the law coasted it's kind of moving to the northeast inland somewhat dissipating as it moves in but there are some small very intense little systems out there but for the most part it's mostly light rain low out a wind in it but is some lightning associated with so you need to be careful out there especially those of you are going to be participating in that lafayette tyack clubs slammed burri that's going on leave bill at the public launch they'll be looking for a slot read a speck in the the the the the very mysterious hard to find flounder this year a leopard red by the way the one with the most spots gets a kayak but you guys may be holding up to stardom look right there on leave ill and you got but one of the were cells sitting right near you and as a couple of smaller ones that data southwest of you moving to the north east so looks like it could be a little did it if he weather for you there also some showers over on biloxi marsh that looks like a just off a gulf port right there off the beach this intense storms there and then kinda to the southwest of new iberia there's a system that has just moved offshore and behind it more widely scattered showers popping up in fact the forecast is calling for twenty percent this morning but fifty percent as we move into the day in fifty percent again to the mark well what's coming up on the program besides the weather forecast all we've got on our website at down the outdoors guide dot com godley looking bait is our radio photo but.

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