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Than Mexican drug and human smuggling cartel members. All right, we got more coming up, Johnny Ken can if I'd ever mark has do l. A in Orange County's we'll find out tomorrow if they'll be advancing into the less restrictive orange tear counties have to remain in the red here for three weeks before moving to orange, so that will delay to move to At least Friday, L A Mayor Garcetti has announced the city's $259 million Emergency Renters Relief program will be open to the public starting tomorrow, and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk will reopen Select Reid's starting April 1st. We'll go to the 14 and we will check in with the K F eye in the sky. Next, you have a lot of rotted teeth that you haven't taken care of in years. Some of them finally gave up and fell out of your mouth. They couldn't take it anymore. Just clattered on your dinner plate. You can't eat foods now because you have nothing to bite with. And you can't smile because you have no teeth to smile with. You must go to coming dental. They will give you new permanent teeth in a day. This is a dramatic change. I'll say, huh? Imagine having no teeth are rotted teeth. And then in a few hours, you get a beautiful smile. These teeth are in forever. They're the right size, right shape. Right color. It's customized for your mouth. They look beautiful, completely natural. They're not dentures. You won't be sliding dentures in and out of your mouth. It's disgusting to look at. No, it's a real set of teeth you bite into like you used to. You smile and photos. You'll feel confident again. 52 years they've been rebuilding smiles and cunning dental call 8886 40 Smile 8886 40 Smile 8886 40 smile Don't overpaid for glasses get two pairs and a free exam for just 69 95. The exam alone is worth 50 bucks. That's not just a better deal. It's America's best book Your Exam online today in certain.

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