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On Westwood. One is intended solely for the private, non commercial use of our audience. Any reproduction, retransmission or other use of this broadcast without the express written consent of Lear Field, AMG College and West with one is strictly Prohibited 7 19 to go. Fourth quarter 34 to 7, Kentucky Corrupting Tennessee, Mark Stoops has built Kentucky in a big way. He's been to four bowl games. In the last half decade. He's now in his eighth year, but he is one in six against Tennessee. He's looking toe author a win for the ages. They haven't one of this building since 1984. And now they've got their backup quarterback Joey Gatewood, out there up big Gatewood to transfer from Auburn probably saw the writing on the wall that bone nicks was gonna be the quarterback of the future. He comes over. He gets immediate eligibility for the Wildcats, in fact, felt like maybe he was gonna get a little more playing time. But he's gonna get probably a little over seven minutes left to go in this game of time today, Kentucky from its own 11th intent loaded front for the Tennessee defense. Gatewood out of the gun slot. Left clean, snap laid hand off goes to McLean off the left side. He takes a furious look at the line of scrimmage. It's no game hard pop from the Tennessee front, but their offense is just in shambles right now, and Kentucky's defense set the tone early. They really did getting the interceptions and taking one back for a couple of back for touchdowns and put those points on the board. Just put the pressure on this this Tennessee offense to throw the ball and it's just That's not their strength did have a little bit of success with their great one of the ball. But not when you're trailing by so many points. Movement upfront, hard shoves the whistles. Blair Boston docks in got shoved in Tennessee seemed to jump on the near left side and he gave a hard shove right back. Offside Contact number 50 defense five yard penalty Still second, there's on save Ian Williams. Each team has been going deeper and deeper into the 3rd and 4th stringers. Has a masters dot com November 9th 15 Complete coverage of the 84th.

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