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Talking to us about severe who is still in hospital at the moment in belfast which is why her mother was speaking to us from twenty seven rope on it is here with the sports news less than twelve hours you're counting down in case francois in belgium nil meanwhile last night in their world cup semi petersburg samuel td with a headed goal from a corner france therefore in their third final against the winner of tonight's other semi in moscow england against croatia when you listen to the manager gareth southgate when he makes it all sounds so simple and straightforward we came here wanting to bond is a group wanting to have some brilliant life experiences wanting to improve as football team play good football and win some matches the moment we've been able to achieve all of those things i think everybody's got even closer i think the team have improved and now we have a fantastic opportunity in in playing a semi final and the charts become the first team in fifty years to to get to a world cup final when i was twenty years since dion dublin played free and now he's part of the bbc coventry team in russia dion is that essentially the same gareth southgate talking there that you knew when you were teammates at aston villa oh yes i wish i mentioned twenty years somebody noticing he's he's he hasn't changed one ohio two very down to earth very level headed and i think what he's done he's just he's instilled in the players as well they seemed down to earth level headed they seem to want to work for each of the play for each other they seem very together in that side a lot of youth but a lot of talent because i haven't been in a situation before there'll be no fear of losing this game so they'll go into this game lot but have all the others and they will know that they can win it they will think they can win it while i was listening when i was listening to pat nevin on the radio last night he was talking of structure and organization from france willing and beating croatia if that's the happened also be about structure and organization as well as i think you'll be about i think it's the way that you approach this game is very important in the first fifteen minutes if you're on it if you are if you've taken the managers instructions onto the pitch to the letter and you're doing your job if every player in the blue shirt offense let's say let's say let's say they all do that do their jobs we can beat them if every player in a croatian show tonight does as well as they can and everybody in english does whereas they can we can beat them up solutely no problem at all this any weakness though croatia will find it yes do you see that part of england's problem in fact maybe the main part of england's problem this evening about dealing with lou come out rich is that the key to ending the wendy yes it is it is chroma choose a very very good player he can school goes peres teaches well he creates more goals in he scores manzu pitches the man that's the goal machine for them he's been playing opposition but if we can keep them away from the goal that would be amazing and racketeering cottage under a mortgage are the main two plays for croatia they keep it they keep it they keep they know winter play the killer ball but we've got enough we've got enough and i'm going to stick with it and we're going to get croatia we're gonna get to the work of arno give us a school i'm gonna go for england three one england rain how he came to goes daily one go see you in the final lovely thank you that was the golden boot vary caine wouldn't it thank you very much indeed thank you very much guys cristiano renaldo from railroad jetty adventures for one hundred million pounds riyadh mara's from leicester to manchester city sixty million these the transverse stories that would otherwise be back page leads while women tennis also uncharacteristically is on the inside pages though by no means invisible of course if you're a follower of bbc television look out today for federal against africa's kevin anderson on number one corpora found the.

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