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And now move the sticks with daniel jeremiah and bucky brooks. What's up everybody walking. Move the sticks. Dj bucky back with your buck after a couple of weeks man. I'm good. I'm good. But i'm really excited today. I'm really excited about the fire. Gas because gotta we have on is I think he's gonna be a nice treat. Yeah this is. This is a makali'i we've done the interview top three interview that we've done might be the best one we've ever done in terms of knowledge taking notes. Yeah i think. I think this is one of the best ones that we done in terms of insight knowledge in canada taking behind the curtain I think what you always. Oh four is when you interview people that they can make you smarter. They can give you a nugget or two that will allow you to see the game in a different way and i think i think i'm definitely seeing the game in a different way up to talk. So the guest is luke keithly recently retired and is go in the hall of fame. Well let's let's go through some of the accomplishments. Here of luke keith. Lee talk about getting stuff done. How about defensive player of the year in the nfl rookie of the year in the nfl. Five time first team all pros seven time pro bowler. He was on the nfl. Two thousand ten's all decade team won the butkus award in college I mean on and on. Acc defensive player of the year. Just ease ridiculous. A incredible incredible career. Keith lee both collegiately at the nfl level In somebody that. I think you guys are gonna get kicked out of listening to. So here's our conversation with leuke quickly. Well look take some time for us today. man a lot of ground. I wanna get to in terms of the linebacker position. Where was when you entered the league and where it's headed in the future. But i want to start off first of all. I was looking at this the other day doing some homework on. You're going back to high school. Saint xavier iraq. The numbers three with the new rules. That would've been place if you enter the league and were allowed to wear a single digit. would you have. would you have rocked number three instead of fifty nine. I think i would have gone afford it. Because that was my number in college so when i got up to when i got into carolina the only number that was really opened with was fifty nine. And like that's the number you're gonna take because that was co chavez number when he was playing so was your is either fifty nine or a number of the nineties and i was not on the.

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