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This is mac os ken apple's friday funk mac news of all things and the days are numbered for the last apple watch shop it's monday the twenty third of april twenty teen kind ken ray and this is news from mac os ken brought to you by yours truly and supported by people like you patrons through patriotic find out more in that your support that patriot dot com slash mac os cat before last friday morgan stanley analyst katie huber d was an apple bowl she's still is seems and yet there's nearterm pessimism as well or realism we'll know after next tuesday barons had the hugh issuing a note on friday in she cut her forecast for iphone shipments for the current quarter as well as her twelve month price target for the cupertino companies shares for the june quarter she had expected apple to ship forty point five million iphones she's drop that down to thirty four million units as for the price target that went from two hundred three dollars to two hundred and yet she still ended the stock huber used friday's note to reiterate her outperform rating on apple shares in her note titled cautious into the print by any post earnings dip huber d road we would be buyers on any weakness following the print given one the services story remains intact leading to a stronger and more consistent source of earnings per share growth and margin expansion to estimate revisions or approaching trough we already assumed no device revenue growth next three years and three buybacks remain a source of downside protection.

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