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Blood can check for corona virus antibodies since other testing in Chester County now the White House gets a new press secretary her predecessor never held a formal news conference recapping our top story third sept in for use died from the coronavirus nearly fifty of the transit agency's workers have tested positive that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes on K. Y. W. good morning honey and bush regular landing in Charlotte Reese or at the editor's desk with the first in Pennsylvania coronavirus antibody testing begins in Chester County this week though unfortunately those nose swabs those deep nose swabs aren't going anywhere K. Y. W. Sander Kramer reports first things first how exactly does it work the antibody blood test is essentially involves that finger **** to collect a small amount of blood to determine the presence of the corona virus antibodies with or without symptoms and we get those results within about fifteen minutes and Chester County health department director Jean castor says it's important to note this test is not a replacement for rotavirus test case confirmation the nose swab test that we've been doing we will continue to do to the high priority populations that are showing symptoms right now the antibody tests are only going to be given the first responders hospital workers and staff at long term care facilities those who are actively essential functions actively fighting against the corona virus staff and inmates at Chester County prison will also be given antibody test the slow the spread of common nineteen there enter Kramer came out of the news radio the virus outbreak on an aircraft carrier in Guam has shaken the navy all the way to the top correspondent Jamie McCormick reports it started last week when the captain of the U. S. S. Theodore Roosevelt was removed acting secretary mostly had told the crew there captain was either naive or stupid not to have known as memo about a corona virus outbreak on the carrier would be leaked very wrong mostly late yesterday apologised for these remarks calling captain Brad crozier smart and passionate the chairman of the house Armed Services Committee meanwhile says he no longer has confidence in mode late and he should be removed CNN has learned that the defense secretary mark esper told the acting navy secretary mostly he must apologize for his remarks as of today more than two hundred sailors on the Roosevelt who tested positive for coronavirus as captain crozier it's eleven forty eight president trump has always considered himself to be the best messenger in the White House so perhaps it's no surprise the search is on for another press secretary Stephanie Grisham as communications director slash press secretary was in charge of messaging for the trump White House but unless you watch fox news channel her face might not be familiar with him who came over from the first lady's press operations never held a briefing with media in general and was infrequently seen events president trump held she was absent during what are now the daily coronavirus task force briefings question is returning to the first lady's west wing operations as new chief of staff mark meadows look for new candidates on messaging in the midst of the outbreak Bob Costantini Washington eleven forty nine now several drugs are being tested to see if they are effective in treating corona virus one anti malaria drug in particular is getting a lot of attention because president trump has been speaking about it so much it's being tested in New York where the death rate is still high there's been so much talk about the potential effectiveness of Hydroxycut or Quinn is a treatment for coronavirus bolstered by anecdotal stories Dr Eric way is with the New York City health and hospitals corporation we have more to more types of treatments studies under way to see what's working best but as for the anti malaria treatment I think it's still too early to tell I think we we're still looking at the the data it's been a few weeks since testing began in so far no doctors have come forward to say.

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