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Report gunfire outside a mosque in Christ's church. New Zealand streamed live on social media. It was just a hint of the carnage come shootings left forty nine people dead. Dozens more injured in two mosques once survivor's story the blood spitting on me. Splashing on me. Oh, my God is going to happen to me. Now. Fortunately, I'm alive news. New Zealand reporter, Emma cropper is outside. One of the hospitals, treating victims wounded children and adults a Carney inside the hospital, the twelve operating theatres and us working on those urgently need help Al prime minister, just send June has called this New Zealand's, darkest die. She said this was fueled by height dollar. Ma Jude is worshipped at one of the mosques majority of you find this absolutely a current and police say they've got four suspects in custody. CBS news special report, I'm Peter King. Cable news time is six thirty two. There's a new uproar over last month's big United Methodist Church vote here in Saint Louis KOMO. Xs Brad, showed explains attendees of the denominations general conference from around the world rejected. I plan of inclusion and tightened the church's ban on gay clergy and same sex marriages on Thursday. The New York Times published an investigation that found some attendees were able to cast ballots without. Permission. What happens next is anybody's. Guess. The does not have a clear procedure on how to investigate or Judah Kate election fraud. Fed up with Saint Louis. Circuit attorney Kim Gardner, the Saint Louis police officers association is looking for a way to recall her from office. Police union spokesman Jeff Ross says they are pushing legislation in Jefferson City that would allow voters to recall sitting prosecutors, I think the voters in Saint Louis were allowed to recall her today as they are most other public offices. She'd already be gone,.

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