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Oh, wow. And then, of course, he said, Wait to CNN and really gave their night times credibility. What was it must watch. Yeah, he had to be there. And admittedly, Larry King would not read the books of the authors you would have on He was proud of their fair because he said, it made him ask the questions that the folks at home would be asking because they haven't read the book it either. I don't know about that, but worked for him When my son and I wrote West doing our baseball triple he was in high school system to be about 10 12. Years ago, we were in l. A. We stayed in Beverly Hills of West Hollywood, actually, and we would go up to Beverly Hills every morning. Go to Nate Nails. The delicatessen where I knew Larry King with that broad is really we never passed to them. My son did get a picture from afar as as Larry King. His buddies were leaving the deli, but we'd go there every morning at breakfast and on their answers. Larry King should die so you could get a picture of him. But Larry King was indeed a broadcast legend, and he is gone now. Also Speaking of Legends Gun Hank Aaron, the Forever home run King of Major League Baseball, Justin, Amazing individual who I have the honor to meet not to sit here and name drop, But in the course of doing business back in the KT ideas, he came to radio city and he had a book out. I Had a hammer, and it was his autobiography. And it goes into great detail in that book about the good and the bad of his career what he had to put up with being an African American that was breaking the home run record held by Babe Ruth for so long. And just the quiet dignity that he carried. It just makes you realize how fortunate we were that the right people are in the right situations to handle those tough kind of conditions. You think of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. Hank Aaron, then you know, decades later, breaking the home run record with quiet dignity, self confidence ability. But just handled a very delicate situation properly saying all the right things and just making a statement by actions and his words, they could have been so much bitter and angry and resentful and Joe's not to be. Yeah, just again that dignity. Bullet is an athlete. And just as a human being was very evident my short time with him. And if you had a chance to meet Hank here and consider yourself fortunate, because it was a very special occasion and anyone who admires baseball or or love sports to see the best At their peak again. We were all lucky to see that and hang care. And if you want to find out more what others think that had occasions with hanker and Bob Bucher, among them. Wisconsin's afternoon news did a great job getting a bunch of folks together Friday afternoon in the hours after the news got out about Hank Aaron, just go toe wtmj dot com and go to the Wisconsin's afternoon news page and you'll find a lot of their coverage there. It's good stuff. And tonight, Scott Wars is going to talk to broadcast legend Bob Costas that will be at 6 15 about the life and times of hanker and that'll be must listen. Radio at 6 15 Tonight Scott Wars here and WTMJ Nights with Bob Costas 8 14 sports of Brian de next I'm Dr Jeffrey needs go to with a.

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