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Brink that could be trouble because yeah I act I think that this was something that we thought was going to happen after the financial crisis we thought that there was going to be a big problem with colleges having to close and they were some handful of small liberal arts schools that just couldn't make it this is a much more significant problem I think for in institutions is not just about okay our endowment is down my corporate could be like oh poor us our damage down but there are damages still billions of dollars what I think is important is will families start to reconsider the choices they make around college will they say Hey you know what I don't really want to pay seventy grand a year so that my kid may or may not be able to go and have online learning maybe I'll do something different and I would think that would be actually a welcome change and higher at I really do because I very always been very concerned that families spend way too much money on degrees that don't pay off in the long run CBS senior business analyst tools less injured Jill thank you have a good week you too take care but it is brought to you by opus bank it is eight forty one AM on Seattle's morning news coming up it's still this coronavirus news also a tornado in the south so we'll get a special report from CBS news next this is Kyra radio Seattle podcasts this is Erin green nineteen Seattle is your source for updates on how corona viruses affecting our region and how it's affecting you each.

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