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Complex, the bodies of some of the monks. He said here over the centuries lawyer gloss cases here actually, see some of their mummified fingers and toes pointing out from underneath the shrouds. And the issue here is that the land is owned by the agrarian government. But the monastery is controlled by the Russian Orthodox church. What will happen if the Ukrainian government tells you you have to hand over to the new cranium orthodox Jewish? Father Clement is from the Russian Orthodox church in Kiev. Yeah. Roseland said this new church that calls itself. The orthodox church of Ukraine, isn't legal and isn't recognized by other churches apart from the Constantinople patriarchy. And if it does take place it can be done in the same way in which Stalin, and Lenin seize the property of the orthodox church, and that's the line that's come from Moscow to the creation of this new church is illegitimate and the nakedly political ploy by Ukraine's leaders. What is the church? It's the church without Putin. That's Petropars Shinko Ukraine's president, sir. What is the church? It's a church without the Russian authorities and the Russian army because they kill Ukrainian. Green president Pora Shinko has very deliberately placed himself in the front row of Ukraine's March towards the Thomas..

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