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Seek. So he stated and this is one of my sons gotta eight you tournament and we lost in the semifinals to a great is team which is nor older. That does happen. But i don't know what's going on with the au basketball. Because when i was playing these type of things. I witnessed he was playing now. He had two fights break out. Today in the gym players are fighting in the stands in front of kids. Parents are fighting stands in front of kids. That are running. Kids run around the gym playing. They got parents fighting teams getting disqualify teams sheet and all the players up. He brought to play against younger group just to win a trophy. What are we teaching your kids now. I myself have witnessed this. Take place a you in a circuit. I witnessed Peres being told that this is guaranteed for your kids by doing this. I've witnessed many things. I've witnessed parents fighting in the stands myself. A matter of fact we had a tournament over the weekend where we seem. We seem fifteen year playing in fourteen. You tournament i've seen An is is horrible to see. I've seen kids getting into arguments and fights and parents irking it on like yeah hundred interface and things of that nature. We look at what always saying. What are we teaching them. Now like an can repurpose perking goes on to speak about is. Y'all aren't teaching them to have any type of moral or no competitive spirit. Yala teaching them how to cheat an and then on top of that on the hearing kids. Kirsten kids out there on the court. I've heard this myself. I've heard kids talking to other kids on the court saying hey you deeper this acting as if they're not learning gain them so what is a teaching kids now see as a coach myself. I find it that is it is my responsibility. Not just to teach basketball but just to teach how to play the game respectful at how the show value the game. Because it's not because that is just again or is not because. I want them to get scholarship. Why a teacher. I teach this because this is basketball is a microcosm of life. If you feel comfortable she in order to get a head basketball you will cheat to get ahead and like it instill comfortable taking a shortcut out of practice in basketball. You will feel comfortable taking a shortcut in right and you feel comfortable fighting and put it in your hands on someone every disagreement instead of utilizing your words and come into greements and come into a mutual understanding as teammates should do that in light the. Au new program is not just designed to put out azkaban or buchwald player or tracks stop or soccer is designed to put out functioning adults so as the. We have to take the time to show these kids. What right looks like we have to be. Exempt cannot lie to get by in front of kids. we cannot cheat in order to earn. Will because what you will teach. Kids is to value something that you have not earned value something that you needed to obtain and that that in itself would defeat the moral value of basketball and that set. I definitely want to thank you and the work coach. I want to thank everybody for listening to the ball court hanging with me this week. I definitely had a great time speaking with you. I want you to go ahead. Listen to listen to this segment here. The comments tell me what you think is going on with a you basketball thinking what you can do to change it at me at drew. Forty-three drew coach. Forty three and definitely go ahead and check us out you can. Even you can even go right to the instagram. At all quote world. hit us up right. They're willing to talk. We could go. We will go back and that's how we will go. I promise you i would. I want to thank everybody for making this possible. I wanna thank. Cwa in sports or give me an outlet to go ahead and speak my mind every week as well as i want to go ahead and personally i wanted to thank all of the people in basketball that has showed up to go ahead and try the hardest to make twenty twenty one of great basketball ear and try and bring a little bit of normalcy back to every i want to take time out ancient every morning to go ahead and check out the short harvey morning show. You gotta definitely get up. You hear it the funny barbed the sandy. They sit around in joan. Along with sean they they keep me rolling. I will pop in every now and again just to say hi. But that's how that's how it is the maze and of course ladies interrupt women's erupted. You'll have to take a look at that podcast as well angel of phenomenal job on that. I love what she's doing over there. It is amazing and cwa sports dot com goto the goal to that site saving favorites. Check.

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