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Knows who Bocek talking to that's interesting did you I I guess you know everything but I do not know there was is that Patricia I know the former defensive coordinator or office courted for the New England Patriots goes over and head coach of the lines and I'm sure this is one of those friendly things between the patriots online chat well and also I went I had forgotten was a bill Belichick works for Martha Ford and somebody suggested ocean interview bill Belichick and I thought was just into a lot of interviews he's not gonna be interested in actually when you see it it's kind of cool because he smiles he really likes her and he was so willing to take time out of practice we just shot that interview in August she was there there's some great scenes of her with bill with Tom Brady and she's tiny and Tom Brady so tall and he's out there in the heat as he says as spell check said in at ninety three years old it's pretty incredible but it is good it is interesting to see how they do cooperate there's also a great scene in there on thanksgiving day which is been played in you know to try it for decades where she sees they played the bears this past season and she sees a Virginia Caskey and that's a meeting that they've had so many times over the years and there's a line Virginia Caskey says something like I I you know I ripped I I every for I don't want to read against you but my friends is a very hard day for me something to that effect of and you can see how they really like each other they they are such competitors but at the end of the day they are good friends it uses you everyone likes a family event that people can bond with but you see the generation specially the Rooney's the Steelers where they all know that the grand kids a great game kids are all going to the game on Sunday everything stops in the in system the Steelers situation of living in the community kind of a home bowl you know that the very small very humble and you know Pat Rooney has this great sound bite in the movie where she says and it gets me every time I've seen in this movie so many times and I swear this time I'm not going to cry and I still cry when I see her portion because she says she does this great. this is a concept of how in the seventies the you know steel mills were closing the city was on a downward slide and the Steelers were on the upper slide technol comes and they have always incredible players this great series of seasons and the intersect the downward in the up for it and then those two things become woven together for Africa you can't think of Pittsburgh without thinking of Steelers and vice versa and what she does how she really protects that legacy it's so important to her what she does in the community is you know pretty much unrivaled which you'll see in the movie and they they just again they take it they're so grateful to be part of it and they take it quite seriously James Peter Goodell is here and she's exec producer of lifetime of Sundays we're gonna have a couple more minutes with it when she comes back but real quick if people have to leave us now we do we.

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