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Good evening. I'm no one Lleyton New Jersey Senator Corey Booker officially kicked off his campaign for president in the city where his political career began. Newark Booker, the former mayor of Newark held a huge rally in the brick city of this morning promising to unify Americans after what he says President Trump has worked so hard to divide. The I learned right here on these streets that you can't make progress by dividing people only way to overcome the really tough challenges is finding common ground and working together. The Senator jumps into a very crowded field of Democrats trying to win the White House in twenty twenty firefighters doing their best to douse the flames from a huge blaze at a popular restaurant in the boardwalk in ocean grove new. Jersey smoke coming from the dunes boardwalk and be seen for miles. There are reported in no injuries, though. A part of the boardwalk has collapsed. There is no word. What may have ignited that blaze? Paterson New Jersey residents on edge following five separate shootings over the past forty eight hours beliefs director, Jerry Spazio says the city's cracking down and he says neighbors should notice we'll see an increased omnipresence of police officers, both plain clothes and uniformed officers. You will see county officers you'll see state officers. You will see federal officers. One person's been killed seven others nursing injuries from being shot only. One gunman has been arrested. Police arrested a sunset park Brooklyn man after they say he slashed his wife stabbed his daughter and then set their apartment on fire multifamily family. Members are expected to be okay. No motive given by police news brought to you by Dr Liederman radio surgery, New York. Call two one two choices for more information. And listen to Dr leader means radio surgery show coming up next right here on. On seven ten WR. The nets in Philly taking on the seventy Sixers in game one of the best of seven playoff series this afternoon Yankee shut out the White Sox in the Bronx this afternoon. Four zip. The Mets aren't Atlanta tonight to take on the Braves..

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